723rd Railway Operating Battalion in France: Ludovic and his truck

Very interesting note from Ludovic in France about the 723rd ROB in France and their trucks.

My name is Ludovic; I am a Frenchman and live in Normandy, 15 miles West from DREUX city. I was always interested in military history and, because my grandfather Maurice was a rail worker from 1922 to 1960 in the area Dreux-Verneuil sur Avre, I discovered, years ago, that it was the 723 rd ROB who was in charge of our railway line.

Many times, I've read the saga of this unit in your blog, and ten years ago, my son Geoffrey and I, bought a 1944 GMC tipper truck with the intention to restore it and give it markings of the 723 rd, to maintain its memory here. The nicknames of our truck is "Alamo" and "Georges"(an uncle of mine which was soldier during and
after WW2). So, our truck is running since this year. I've read that it was the "A" company of the 723 rd who used some trucks as it, but how may, I don't know...?
So, the markings are to be completed with truck/company n°. Enclosed, photos of us and another from the 1944 era in Normandy. I hope this will be of interest for you and old friends of America. very sincerely yours, Ludovic