710th Railway Grand Division Ivan Rice 1944-1946

710th Headquarters

710th Railway Grand Division Ivan Rice 1944-1946 'KIng of the Road '

Wonderful photos and memories donated by Ivan Rice who served with the 710th ! Thanks Ivan

710 Ivan Rice Booklet by Nancy

Interview- David Spellman WWII Railway Operating Battalion Veteran

Thanks to Thomas Gears

The Military Railway Service From Korea to Afghanistan by Mark Metz LTC (R) - US Army

Thanks as always to Mark Metz LTC (R) - US Army

50th Vietnam War Commemoration (VWC) -US Army Transportation Museum Foundation

To the Greater Transportation Corps Community:

Joint Base Langley - Eustis is planning for a "50th Vietnam War Commemoration (VWC) over Armed Forces Day weekend which will take place at Ft. Eustis on Friday, May 15th, and Saturday May 16th.  Events are open to the public. The central theme is recognition of Vietnam War Veterans on the 50th Anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.  Events and activities scheduled are shown on the attachment.

A second open to the public event this Summer at Ft. Eustis will be the 73rd Transportation Corps Birthday Anniversary on July 30th.  Major events planned for the 30th include the TC Hall of Fame Ceremony and the TC Regimental Picnic.  On July 31st, the celebration moves to Fort Lee where events conclude with the Anniversary TC Ball.  Complete details can be found at www.transportation.army.mil.  

Hope you will be able to join us for one or both of these events.

Mark Metz
LTC (R) - TC
Rail Committee
US Army Transportation Museum Foundation