710th Railway Grand Division Lt Col. Marth documents and more ( thanks to granddaughter Julie)

Julie T contacted me over 6 months ago having found some information about her Granddad's unit on the blog.

She had recently inherited all his "stuff"

She wrote " My grandfather, Lt. Col. A.F. Marth 710th Railway Grand Division was in the 710th during the war and I was recently given his entire collection of 'stuff'.  Books, maps, letters, and tons of pictures (most not labeled).  I don't know much about his time there and so sorry I didn't ask the questions when I was young.  Oh how we regret all this later, right?  I would love to share everything I have to help others in their search of family members."

That's what I want to hear ! Most of what we have on this blog was donated by family members who wanted everyone to know what amazing service their Dad or Granddad had performed for our country but also wanted the families of the others that he served with to share what they had .

As the generations go by this becomes more and more important. When I started " the guys " were still alive and having reunions , now almost all are gone. Then their kids took over and shared lots of these things,  but now it's the grand kids that are working hard to document and preserve their service.

Thanks Julie and to everyone who helps and has helped keep this unique service alive.

*Julie has already worked 6 months on scanning these items and is still working on them.  I am getting them loaded to Scribd and linked here and will be posting some to stand alone blog posts too.

Watch this space for more ! You are lucky if you're looking for info on 710th RGD -thanks to Lt. Col. Marth and Julie!


1944 GuideForUnitCensors

Books/ Newsletters 
1945 Pictorial Handbook Of Military Transportation TCETO

1945 TheYankeeBoomer Vol.2No.52 27Sep1945 Last Issue
1944 embarkation1
1944 embarkation2.
1944 Embarkation NY to Europe
1944 Clearance slip PreparedAtC-RCRP-2
1944 Leave Chester Convoy
1944 Unit TBA equipment Chester England
1944 Sept Secret Convoy Itinerary Chester To Andover England
1944 56 To Ft Snelling
1944 710thRoster
1944 SO59 Announcement Of Marksman
1944 SO60 Announcement Of Sharpshooter
1944 Assigned Storekeeper
1944 Assignment To General Storekeeper
1944 SO66 Announcement Of Expert

The Military Railway Service Journal Vol12 No1 February 1966

MRS Journal Feb 1966 by cunningb

The Military Railway Service Journal Vol2 no1 February 1970

MRSjournal Feb 1970 by cunningb

The "General Nathanael Greene No. 1" locomotive 1955 714th Rail Battalion

740th Railway Grand Division unit history

3rd Railway Operating Okal Persia

Unknow Railway Battalion in Saint Ghislain Belgium in 1944

anyone know what bunch this is ?

726th Railway Operating Battlion : In action! History

726th Railway Operating Battalion Unit History by Nancy

Military Railway Service reunion 1968

707-709th Railway grand divisions

707-709th railway grand divisions by cunningb

724th Railway Operating Battalion 1951 timetable Fort Eustis

Fort Eustis Military Railroad 724th Trans Railway Operating Battalion Timetable No 1, Eff 0001 HRS 2, April 1951
Inside 1stPage reads: “Personnel whose duties are in anyway affected by the timetable must have a copy of the current timetable while on duty”.

Railroad Fans - this Timetable is when Maj. A.M. Schofield was the Division Superintendent - he went on to become the President of the Pennsylvania Railroad (Just an interesting side note - nothing to do with this listing - I also have Schofield's actual desk from the Pennsylvania Railroad when he was the President).
Some History on Fort Eustis& the 724th Battalion:
On 7 May 1945, the 714 ROB was relieved of responsibility in the operation of the Alaska Railroad and returned to Camp Claiborne, Louisiana. The 714th did an outstanding job in the accomplishment of this mission and for this service was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation. It was re-designated as the 714th Transportation Corps, Railway Operating Battalion on 29 December 1945 then just the 714th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion (TROB) on 10 May 1947. Shortly after the end of hostilities, the Battalion arrived at Fort Eustis, Virginia, and assumed the responsibility for the operation of the Fort Eustis Railroad.
In the summer of 1950, the 714th departed Fort Eustis for Korea to perform duty with the Third Transportation Military Railway Service (TMRS). They arrived there on 26 August 1950, commanded by Major H. W. Martens. The 765th Railway Shop Battalion (RSB), commanded by Major James K. Hanks, had also arrived.
The Korean version of the 712th TROB started as a reserve unit sponsored by Reading Company, a Philadelphia based railroad. Similar units were in place on the Pennsylvania Railroad, (724th),and others who sponsored the 729th and a few others.
The Fort Eustis Military Railroad is an intra-plant United States Army rail transportation system existing entirely within the post boundaries of the United States Army Transportation Center and Fort Eustis (USATCFE), Fort Eustis, Virginia. It has served to provide railroad operation and maintenance training to the US Army and to carry out selected material movement missions both within the post and in interchange with the US national railroad system via a junction at Lee Hall, Virginia. It consists of 31 miles (50 km) of track broken into three subdivisions with numerous sidings, spurs, stations and facilities.

713th Railway Operating Battalion commemorative plate

712th Railway Operating Battlion

711th Railway Engineers pin

Railway Operating Battalions trained at Camp Shelby WWII

Tom writes... I'm involved with the historic Wilmington and Western RR here in Delaware. One of our locomotives, former Mississippi Central RR No. 98, was used at Camp Shelby during WWII to train soldiers for various railway units. I've attached a photo of No. 98 and a document I created that details the railway training at Camp Shelby during WWII

Here is Tom's chart of when units trained at Camp Shelby :

763rd Railway Operating Battalion - Willie M. Rast Co. B pt 1

Thanks so much to his son Irvin!

722nd Rwy Opn Bn Co. B History

722nd Railway Operating Battalion Co.b Unit History by Nancy on Scribd


749th ROB Reunion Roster 1992

749th ROB Reunion Roster 1992 by Nancy on Scribd

712th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion- Korea Memorabilia