Army Railway Unit Information needed !

This blog is a good as we make it and I sure thinik the guys deserve to be remembered !

If you have an Army Railroader in your life ( husband, father, grandfather) and you have any momentos, documents or photos from his service you'd be willing to share -please email me:  Nancy

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent such great stuff! Keep it comin'

Railway Grand Divisions

Railway Grand Divisions

Railroads WWII ETO

Railroads WWII ETO

743rd First Reunion

743rd First Reunion by cunningb

US ARMY RS4TC # 1258

712th TROB patch

3rd Unit Boosts

765th Rugged Railroaders

765th Rugged Railroaders by cunningb


Alfred Eugene `Ole Man Rags' Ragland of Collierville


752d Menu 26 March 1945 Co. B Sgt. John Lewis DeMarsh

Thanks To John's son for sharing this with us.
Ken writes......My father was Sgt. John Lewis DeMarsh and he served in the 752 as a boilermaker. He came home on a hospital ship with 2 broken legs and a crushed knee cap. He was sent to Nichols Army Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. It was close to the family home and actually saw my older brother from his ambulance window and they wouldn't stop for him