Unit histories - do you own one ?

If you own a MRS ( Military Railway Service) unit history book, please consider sharing it with others.

So many families do not still have a copy of their veteran's ( Dad or Granddad's ) unit history- so I have been working hard obtaining and digitizing copies of the books on the blog and making them freely available to everyone .

If you own a book, please contact me if you'd be willing to let me digitize it -so it can be shared with others who served together and their families. These books contain precious information on service and many, many have not seen before photos of their loved one. They just all shouldn't end up in private collections or in boxes in attics.

You don't have to give it up and scanning won't hurt it in anyway and it will be immediately returned to you !

Please help...

Thanks , Nancy
cunningb2@gmail.com  cunningb2@gmail.com

We could also create a fund of $$ designated to buy these when they become available - let me know if you'd be willing to donate of sponsor a purchase.

732nd R.O.B.Major T.J. Brennan photo

Special thanks to Becky, daughter of Maj T J Brennan 732nd ROB for sharing some of his great photos ! She is sending more -- keep watching!