708th Grand Railway Division Burkley Journal

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708th Grand Railway Division The George Burkley Diary was featured in the unsolved history tab for several years and recently the Burkley family contacted me through this site. I have spoke with George Burkley's grandson and have learned many interesting things in regards to Mr. Burkley. My original theory that Mr. Burkley was injured in a V-2 rocket attack in 1945 was correct. He was injured in this attack when a rocket hit the 708th Grand Railway Division HQ. Sadly Mr. Burkley passed away in 1953. As I learn more about Mr. Burkley I will continue to update the attic. Captain Burkley kept a journal that starts September 9th, 1943 stateside, but then abruptly ends September 6th, 1944 in France. His journal takes the reader from camp in New Orleans to New York for debarkation. His journey across the Atlantic was on none other than the Queen Mary and his entries while in London during the Luftwaffe air raides are nothing less than intriguing. From London he will cross the English Channel to France where some of his entries describe: German pill boxes, dead Germans, the invasion beach heads, and more. Please take the time to peruse the fully transcribed journal featured below. Some excellent entries for reading are: October 24th 1943, July 15th 1944, July 16th 1944, and September 6th 1944. read on here
Captain George W. Burkley # 0-500827 708 Railway Grand Division