740th Railway Operating Battalion in France and Belguim

The 740th Railway Operating Battalion by cunningb

765th Army Railroad Majors Improve Korean Trains

765th Army Railroad Major by cunningb

US Army S160 Class Locomotive

US Army S160 Class

General Praises work of Rail Battalions

Praises Work of Rail Battalions

735th Railway Operating Battalion Gallucci obit

735ROB Comb'd Hist by cunningb

712th PX Choo Choo

712TH PX Choo-Choo by cunningb

3rd TMRS gifts article

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712th Railway Operating Battalion - Peters

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816th Transportation Battalion Heraldic

Rugged Railroaders

Rugged Railroaders

765th Greetings

765th Greetings by cunningb

712th Railway Operating Battalion -Dingman

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3rd TMRS Whitaker

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3rd TMRS Lloyd photos

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759th Railway Operating Battalion John Leonard Donahue

759 PFC John Leonard by cunningb

OBITUARY-THE PAWNEE REPUBLICAN BURCHARD BOY KILLED IN FRANCE MARCH 28. Mr. and Mrs. John Donahue of Burchard, yesterday received a telegram from the war department at Washington notifying them that their son, PFC. John Leonard Donahue, was killed in a vehicle accident in France March 28. He had been in service three years and had spent two years overseas, serving with the 759th Railway Operating Battalion. He was 33 years old. Leonard began his training at Camp Robinson, Ark., later transferring to Camp Clairborne, La. He returned to Camp Robinson for a short time before going overseas. His first service overseas was in the North African campaign. later he saw action in Sicily, Italy and France, going into that country with the amphibious invasion through southern France. Sometime after landing in France he was returned to a hospital in Italy to recover from burns suffered in action. He returned to duty with his unit about four months ago. In addition to his parents, he is survived by four brothers and four sisters, Sheriff Michael J. Donahue of Pawnee City, Tom Donahue of Lincoln, Cecil Donahue of Potlatch, Idaho, Eugene Donahue of Los Angeles, Mrs. Del Kirkendoll of Blue Springs, Mrs. Nate Roberts of Liberty, Mrs. William Sivey of Butte, Mont., and Mrs. Elmer Hart of Lincoln. This is the second war fatality in the Donahue family in less than three months. PVT. Charles Donahue, son of Sheriff and Mrs. Donahue, was killed in action in France Jan. 16. He was serving with an artillery unit of the 7th Army.

724th Unit gives bell

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712th Nostalgic Memories

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713th Railway Operating Battalion Reunion

713th World War II Railroaders by cunningb

716th US Rail Companies

712th Peters by cunningb

743rd Railway Operating Battalion Reunion Las Vegas 1976

712th Two Engineers photo

712th 2 Engineers by cunningb

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729th Railway Operating Battalion Reunion Kasas

743rd Interview with Mark Womack -Library of Congress


RAILWAYS, WWII ERA A Working Bibliography

RAILWAYS, WWII ERA   A Working Bibliography                                                    

735th Roy L Stickel obit

735th Roy L Stickel by cunningb

752nd Thomas Williams obit

791st Transportation Battalion

718th goody

749th Reunion goodies from Uncle Ed

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Army trainees

Camp Harahan = Camp Plauche

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759th Wiliam Herron

759th William Herron by cunningb

US Army Railroad Defies Enemy in India NYT

US Army Railroad Defies Enemy in India NYT                                                    

Korean War order of battle

729th Transportation Battalion Heraldic

US Army Rail Panama c 1920s

US Army for coastal defense, Panama City Railroad Station c. 1920-1930
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