3rd TMRS in Japan thanks Clarence Ellis

Clarence wrote to me about my uncle, who was also a Army Railroader ... I was with the occupation forces in Japan with the 3rd MRS/8010 from 1946 until 1952 I did not know a Major Bill Griffin at that time, however I was in Korea with a LTC Lawrence [I believe his first name was]Griffin,and also in Ft.Eustis,Va.in the 774th and 714th TBROS & DE,he was the EX OFFICER there. I looked at your Military Railway Service blog and it was very,very interesting. I have some pictures and papers that I would be glad to share with you at a later date.

WWII RAILROADS AT WAR: Life-Line of the Nation


Life-Line of the Nation is a short film from the Association of American Railroads and produced by Carl Dudley in the mid-1940s (most likely 1944) that shows how America’s railroads are ensuring the defense of the nation by meeting the transportation needs of a country mobilized for war. The film opens with a shot of a train moving through snowy terrain. Off in the distance, a train goes over a bridge (01:22). There are several shots of various trains moving along tracks. At the U.S. Capitol Building (02:13), members of the military meet with members of Congress to discuss railroad needs in a wartime situation. 

People gather around a radio to listen to a broadcast of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Military trucks and tanks are loaded onto trains (03:45); men from every branch of the military board trains as they head out to war. A train moves along the track with snow-covered mountains in the background (04:48). Soldiers and equipment leave the trains and board the ships that will take them overseas (05:20). There are more shots of locomotives. A number of tanks are transported on a train (07:05) Iron ore is loaded onto train cars at a mine (07:18). The iron ore is dumped into barges (07:44). A train hauls coal (08:18); there is a shot of a coal plant. Oil tanker cars are pulled by locomotives (08:59). A newly built ship is sent out onto the water from the shipyard (10:05). There is a shot of the inside of the office of the Association of American Railroads—people diligently work to keep the trains running on time (11:00). There is a series of shots of railcars sporting the different railroad companies’ names and logos. A train crosses the border between the U.S. and Canada (13:34). Various railroad employees work on machining equipment for trains (14:10); men inspect a track. There is a shot of a retired locomotive (15:44), a printing press printing papers (16:55), and various locomotives pulling train cars. One of the final shots of the film is a train passing over a river on a bridge (18:32). 



United War Work Campaign : Railroad Army Fundraising WWI

The United War Work Campaign, Inc., was organized by request of President Woodrow Wilson for the purpose of joint fund raising among seven welfare organizations serving the American Army and Navy, including: National War Work Council of the YMCA; War Work Council of the National Board of the YMCA; National Catholic War Council (Knights of Columbus); Jewish Welfare Board; War Camp Community Service; American Library Association; and the Salvation Army. Series includes the certificate of incorporation, UWWC Bulletin nos. 1-13 and 15, financial report (1921) and the report to subscribers listing the budget estimates of the seven organizations, percentages of UWWC funds allocated per organization and agreements between the organizations (1919). The file includes minutes, circular letter, organization manual, publicity campaigns, committee member lists, by-laws, conference attendance lists, Committee of Eleven (composed of representatives of the seven organizations) minutes and recommendations and news releases.

Railway and Locomotive Engineering Journal : The Railway Army Corps first in war first in peace

735th Railway Operating Battalion Reunion group

Again, we have Capt. Francis Lewis' wonderful photos from 735th reunions and a mailing list from 1988. ( thanks John ) Here is a member mailing list from 1988

735th Reunion Mailing List ... by Nancy on Scribd

735th Railway Operating Battalion Capt. Francis N. Lewis

John has worked really hard reproducing some amazing 735th photos from his dad,Capt.Francis N. Lewis

He writes ...It's my hope that members (the few that are left) and decedents of members might find a name or photo that will bring back some memories. If you do post any of my pictures/documents on the internet, all I ask is that some credit be given to my father, Capt.Francis N. Lewis. He went to great lengths to photograph and document not just his activities during the war, but also our personal family history. He has made my job much easier in sharing his photographs with others. It's the least I can do for all the efforts he made. Thanks so much for asking.

Here is a fascinating list of 735th soldiers who went through firearm qualifications in 1944

735th Firearm Qualification List 1944 by Nancy

753rd Railway Shop Battalion Reunion photos Fred Inman

753rd Railway Shop Battalion Fred Inman collection

The wonderful Tom Miller has worked tirelessly to significantly add to our knowledge  of  this Military rail unit but also to recognize his neighbor's service to our country.
 Thanks Tom

He writes... Fred and Genevieve Inman lived in the Fallston, MD area since the late 1960’s. When we moved in next door to the Inmans, Fred and I found that we had a mutual love for the Fire Department … Fred used to work as a fireman and I currently work as a fireman.

 Unfortunately Fred passed away not long after we moved in, but along with his history in the Fire Department, we also knew of his service in WWII. His wife Gen remained in the house next door and we became very close. It was like living next door to our grandmother.

 When she passed away recently, we came across the album which contained all the pictures that Fred had taken during his service with the 753rd Railway Battalion. We wanted to share and preserve this history, and we hope others will appreciate it as much as we do.

 Lori and Tom Miller Fallston, MD

Amazing documents, interviews , timeline and more ...

Almost 300 hundred amazing photos

722nd Railway Operating Battalion --Herrick

722nd Railway Operating Battalion Herrick.pdf by Nancy

730th Railway Operating Battalion Iran

Photo album owned by Lt Deckinger that served in Iran for several years in the 730th ROB in Iran

730th Railway Operating Battalion by Nancy

Yankee Boomer Vol.1 No.29 April 20,1944

If anyone has any of these please contact me cunningb2@gmail.com

Yankee Boomer V 01 No 29.pdf by Nancy

Yankee Boomer Vol.2 No.52 Final issue

Yankee Boomer Final issue.pdf by Nancy

Hospital Trains wounded from Africa and Italy arrive in PA

752nd Russell G. Decker obit

752nd Donald Wayne Barclay

Army Locomotives 1957

The photographer of this beautiful photo postcard, showing the 8002 in a great 3/4 engineer's side view which was taken in Alexandria, Virginia on March 21, 1920 may have been the late, great Joseph Lavelle, then of Winfield, Long Island, New York, who was one of America's earliest railroad photographers and collectors.

This engine was built as a five foot gauge locomotive for the Imperial Russian Railways by American Locomotive Company Richmond Works in March, 1918, winding up, instead as U. S. Army property. The Army and Navy photos are all 2 3/4" x 4 1/4" and while we do not know who the photographer was the date and location are on the border below each photo.

 The Army photos are: US Air Force 7050 at Maguire Air Force Base, Oct, 1957; Army 1674 switching at Fort Dix, New Jersey, engine house on right, May, 1970; Army 7172 at Fort Dix, 10-57; Army 1674 close-up, Fort Dix, 5-1970; line up of at least nine center cab diesel locomotives at Fort Holabird, Maryland, Jan '57, 1217 closest to camera; great side view of unnumbered diesel at Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, 9-69. I THINK Tobyhanna was a weapons depot. The two Navy images, both at White Plains, MD, both Dec 1958: caboose between freight car and diesel, can not read number and center cab diesel USN 65-00348.

US Army Railroad Engineers GIs NORTH AFRICA 1943

712th Railway Operating Battalion Locomotive 78357 , Hanau Germany Switch Yard '45

712th Railway Operating Battalion Locomotive, Hanau Germany Switch Yard '45

With the 713th Railway Operating Battalion in Italy

713th in Italy.pdf by Nancy

744th ROB Back on the job !

744th back on job.docx by Nancy

Cherbourg port now under repair NY Times

cherbour.pdf by Nancy

WWII Hospital Trains

World War II Rail Head Depots

733rd Railway Operating Battalion James W. McUne

Sunny Lynn, James W. McUne's daughter writes .... My father served in WWII and I just found his discharge paperwork. He served in Northern France and the "Rhineland" from 1944 until 1946. He was in CO A 733 RAILWAY OPERATING BN. My father ran away from home at age 16 and joined the Army when he was underage under a fictitious name. The day before D-Day he confessed to a chaplain. He didn't talk much about the war but he said that he worked on the railroad in France. After the war they kept my father in Paris because he did not have a wife or children. He said he never had so much fun in his life than after the war. I can only imagine. He set up banquets for all of the dignitaries in Paris during the post-war period. My father was from Indianapolis, IN and he joined the Army in Chicago IL on July 14, 1943. He was discharged in March 1946. I would love to find out any information that I can on my dad's unit and what they did and where they were on D-Day.

MRS WWII Unit Changes June 1945

Unit Changes June 1945 b by Nancy

WWII : Stage and Marshalling yards Liege Belguim

Transportation Corps, Vol VI Historical Report Part III (Jan-Mar 1945)

Transportation Corps, Vol VI Historical Report Part III (Jan-Mar 1945) by Nancy

World War II Maps of Railway Units

WWII List of Military Units on continent Dec 1944

Military Units on Continent Dec 1944 b by Nancy

WWII Destruction of Rolling and Power stock

Port of Cherborg D-Day Landing Transportation Corps report

Cherbourg Notes European Theatre Army Records 492 Q by Nancy

German Railroad bridge Demolitions

WWII Transportation Corps Chaplains before 1945

Chaplains Before Apr 1945 by Nancy on Scribd

Transportation Corps Vol v Hist Report ETO Part II (Oct-Dec 1944)

Transportation Corps Vol v Hist Report ETO Part II (Oct-Dec 1944) by Nancy