753rd Railway Operating Battalion History Booklet

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"Going Home" from the Yankee Boomer Machinist Mag 1945

Going Home Yankee Boomer Machinist Mag 1945

724th News : Two local men ...

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732nd Railway Operating Battalion Perl,Germany 1945

724th TRSB and Les Jacoby

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724th and 3rd TMRS reach quota

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1908 American Army Railroad Siberia

716th Railway Operating Battalion Eugene N Dempsey

716th Eugene N Dempsey


Railroad Military Advertisement 1944

Army to Mark 70th Anniversary of Transportation Corps With Dedication to the Military Railway Service

Military Railway Service Veterans and Friends:
On Wednesday July 25th at 4 PM The Army Transportation Corps Museum at Fort Eustis, VA, will host the dedication of RSD-1 ALCO locomotive #8011, one of 57 similar "iron camels" sent to Iran in WWII for service on the Military Railway Service Corps (MRS) operated Iranian State Railway, and the newly constructed Museum Rail Pavilion.  This event that is being dedicated to the honor and memory of all MRS Veterans in all theaters will be hosted by BG Stephen Farman, the Army Chief of Transportation, as part of the annual Transportation Corps (TC) Conference.  All events on the 25th are open to the public. In addition to MRS veterans, the invitation list includes individual rail industry carriers who sponsored and helped train MRS units, rail associations and labor organizations critical to the MRS formation and organization, and rail suppliers who provided the materials required to support operations.  

The museum, located just inside the Fort Eustis Boulevard Gate (I-64, Exit 250), will open at 9 AM and will remain open through evening festivities.  Starting at 5 PM following the dedication, all are invited to attend a TC B-B-Q picnic and social icebreaker on the museum grounds.  Tickets can be purchased on site for $20.  Self-guided tours of the museum will be available throughout the day. Plan to join the MRS Veterans, their family members, and friends to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of Army Railroaders from the Civil War to current operations in Afghanistan.

Mark Metz

Foundation Rail Committee