724th Railway Operating Battalion 1982 Roster Reunion

724th Railway Operating Battalion 1982 Roster Reunion by Nancy

715th Railway Operating Battalion Unit Card

715th Railway Operating Battalion Unit Card by Nancy

760th Railway Shop Battalion Unit Card

760th Railway Shop Battalion Unit Card by Nancy

724th Railway Operating Battalion 1996 Roster Reunion

724th Railway Operating Battalion 1996 Roster Reunion by Nancy

Camp Millard Military Rail Training

Camp Millard Military Rail Training by Nancy

Hospital on wheels - Railroad Magazine 1945

Hospital Train Sept Railroa... by on Scribd

Great hospital train page here http://railwaysurgery.org/Army.htm

Atlantic Coast Transportation Corps Office Training School Aug 1943

Atlantic Coast Transporation Corps Officer Training 1943 by Nancy on Scribd

Army Transportation Corps - The Big Picture

National Archives and Records Administration ARC Identifier 2569474 / Local Identifier 111-TV-204 Big Picture: Army Transportation Corps Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. U.S. Army Audiovisual Center. (ca. 1974 - 05/15/1984). We follow the supplies from the factory to the depot in the U.S., to the port to the front line unit in Korea. We show the Port of Embarkation, small boats, the ducks, the rail lines, the trucks. And we show a new development of the TC... the helicopter transportation company in training.

Army Transportation Museum Fort Eustis

Camp Clairborne Derailment : Subversive Warfare on the Claiborne Polk Military Railroad

This film records and explains a series of train crash tests for "subversive warfare" on the US Army Claiborne Polk Military Railroad between 03/08/1944 & 03/10/1944. Discusses amount of explosive used, technique of making "gaps" in railroad track to overturn train. 

Uses filmographic techniques such as slow motion, reverse motion, and freeze frame to show effects of "gaps" and explosives on train and results of experiments. Illustrated arrows point to areas of train considered especially relevant to experiment. During each train crash experiment the narrator explains each type of explosive and reason for variations. 

This film made available courtesy the Department of Defense, National Technical Information Service, and the National Archives and Records Administration http://www.archives.gov/

Yankee Boomer Vol.2 No.25 March 1945 Photo edition

More amazing 713th ROB photos thanks to James McGhee

716th Railway Operating Battalion High-Ball newsletter Sept 26 1945 Vol1 No5

716 Highball by Nancy on Scribd

Mortuary cars

USA Locomotive Postcard


 Warren & Saline River Railroad Company's Number 1702 (2-8-0) was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works for the United States Army in 1942 and sold to the Warren & Saline River Railroad in 1946. Number 1702 later saw service on the Reader Railroad and is currently working on the Fremont & Elkhorn Valley Railroad.

USAMHI Railroads Bibliography

USAMHI Railroads by Nancy

Misc Locomotive photos

713th Railway Operating Battalion: A Railroad to Rome: Company “A”, 713th Railway Operating Battalion (Santa Fe) in Italy, 1943-1944.By James T. McGhee

Todd shared his very interesting paper on the 713th and an unbelievable collection of photos !

713th Santa Fe Mcghee by Nancy

This is part 1 and 2 of Todd's 713th photos

Pasqual from France has identified some locations and equipment from the photos

#8 & 9 : Orléansville, now : Chlef. This station has always been rather busy, as in steam locomotive times, all passenger trains running between Oran and Algiers had to change locomotive here. Locomotive 4-A class built in the 1870s and 1880s for the Paris – Lyon – Méditerranée French company, later transfered to the Algerian PLM network.
#12 : Orléansville ? Diesel shunter supplied for wartime by British army.
#13 : Orléansville ? Same steam locomotive class as # 8 & 9.
#20 : Berliet diesel truck, fitted with “gazogène” (used during wartime in France, because of oil shortage).
#21 : Valmy, now : El Kerma. Just outside of Oran city.
#23 : Garratt steam locomotive, 231-132-BT class, #12, built 1936. Huge engines for European and Nth African loading gauge : length 29,43 metres, 216 metric tons. #25 : Garratt steam locomotive, 231-132-BT class (same unit as #23 ?)
#28 : Western Tunisia or Eastern Algeria, near Tebessa : meter gauge locomotive, class 150-851 to 865, built 1930.
#30 : Western Tunisia or Eastern Algeria, near Tebessa : meter gauge locomotive, class 2.2-251 to 258 or 451 to 482 (I can’t read unit # on the cab), built between 1895 and 1906.
#31, 37, 39 : Same class 150-8xx as #28.
#34 : Same class 2.2-xxx as #30. #28 to 36 seem to be in the same location, but where ? The station is rather extensive for a meter gauge network.
#37 & 39 : Same class 150-8xx as #28.

Part 2

715th Railway Operating Battalion--Simpson

Christy , daughter of Raymond D Simpson of Company A of the 715th  Railway Operating Battalion sent these great photos.

She says "Dad served in North Africa, Sicily and Italy. He was on a ship heading towards Japan when the atomic bombs were dropped. When Japan surrendered, the ship was turned around and headed towards the US.  I have attached some of pictures of Dad which were taken in Italy.  I do not know the names of the other soldiers in the pictures. The back of the picture of the Tower of Pisa says he is in the top of the tower."

759th Railway Operating Battalion Harry Stairs photos

Cathe, daughter of Harry North Stairs or “Boots”shared these great photos. If anyone knows any of the people in these photos she'd like to know - email me if you know any of Stair's buddies .