757th Railway Shop Battalion - Henry Brill knife

From Bruce Brill....According to my dad's separation papers, his job tiltle was "boiler maker." I have a knife he made (probably in "the shop") out of a propeller from a downed airplane. Two photos of it, attached, fyi. Notice the handle: some kind of plastic, which, I'm thinking, must've been "state of the art" back in '45!

727th Railway Operating Battalion indicted into Transporation Corps Hall of Fame

Allied Invaders to take their own Railway along...Stars and Stripes Jan. 1944

"Pacific 231" 1949 movie- Locomotives

Arthur Honegger’s Pacific 231 was also used in the 1949 French film with the same name. Honegger’s Pacific 231 was used as the soundtrack and as a tribute to the steam locomotive. From the screeching of the brakes, to the rumblings, whistles and vibrations from an actual locomotive, Honegger’s Pacific 231 is a truly provocative work.