U.S. Army Railroad Engine #5008 0, 0-6-0T

765th Hospital Train picking up wounded Korea

735th Railway Operating Battalion Lloyd Hitt obit

Join Army Railroad sign WWII- Union Pacific

4th Army Medical Railroad car Fort Sam Huston 1951

"Loaded for War" Santa Fe Railroad 1940's American Railroads in WW2 - Military Trains

This rare WWII color film shows Santa Fe's contribution to the war effort. After WWII began the Santa Fe Railroad pressed all available steam and diesel locomotives into action to assist with America's war efforts.

729th Railway Operating Battalion more Trager photos

Photo #63 is my grandfather, Pfc. Harry R. Trager and his buddy Chet Spears; Prestophoto Ltd., 56 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, England; 08-27-1943

Photo #99 is from L to R, T-5 R. Umbanhower, Pfc. Harry R. Trager, T-4 James Bogan, Sr.; 03-20-1943.

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Archives and Special Collections at the UAA-APU Consortium Library.  Archives and Special Collections has a variety of Alaska-related materials available for researchers:

UNITED STATES. ARMY. 770TH RAILWAY OPERATING BATTALION. Records; n.d., 1942-1944. .1 cu. ft.

The 770th Railway Operating Battalion was organized in New Mexico in September, 1942, as Engineer Railway Detachment 9646A. In April, 1943, it was redesignated as the 770th Railway Operating Battalion. The unit operated the narrow gauge White Pass and Yukon Railway from October 1, 1942 to October 22, 1944 after which it left Alaska.

This document is the Traffic and Operation Survey of the White Pass and Yukon Route Rail Division. It is a survey of the physical and operating characteristics of the railroad as well as the statistical traffic record of the unit during the war. The survey was designed, compiled, and edited by Sgt. Ralph Brown and assisted by Paul W. Malcolm. The document includes general
information, a traffic statement concerning operations, reports of interruptions, and a list of rolling stock and equipment.

This survey was acquired from Mr. Lyman Woodman of Anchorage, Alaska in 1981. Mr. Woodman received it from the author Ralph Brown.



Korean War Order of Battle Transportation Corps

Training Army Railroad Men by Baltimore and Ohio 1951

1943 Union Pacific Railroad Ad

The Last Railroad War Kissel

The Last Railroad War Kissel by Nancy on Scribd

US Army Railroad Defies Enemy in India NYT May 1944

US Army Railroad Defies Ene... by Nancy on Scribd

U.S. Army Railroad Engine #7002 built 1942

729th Railway Operating Battalion Reunion Bullentin 1959 and some of the guys !

Photo #95 is from L to R, starting with the back row, Watson, Malone, Trager, McNamara, Levesque, McGhee, Stinson, Snyder, Bundage, Freney, Mikkelson, Sheffield; 03-1944

729th Bulletin 1959

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729th Railway Operating Battalion Trager and many others

Toni Alexandra, the granddaughter of Pfc. Harry Ruyle Trager of the 729th Railway Operating contacted me and wanted to share information on her grandfather's service in the 729th.

She is also looking to contact others from or connected to that unit - email me cunningb2@gmail.com if you have a connection.

Thanks Toni ...

Photo #90 is my grandfather, Pfc. Harry Ruyle Trager, 03-20-1942.

Photo #65 L to R is PFC. Harry Trager; T-4 J. Bogan; Pvt. A. Peterson; and T-5 R. Umbanhower; 03-20-1943