770 Railway Operating Battalion 1943 Christmas Menu

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735th Railway Operating Battalion McClelland photos

Thanks to Mike McClelland for sharing his Dad's photos !

  The wording on the back of the one in the upper left reads "Finley and his pride--Remicourt, Belg.".  The upper right says "Call Board".  The title at the top read CO. C. 735th RY. OPN. BN.  The three categories below it read 1st Opr. Platoon, Hqtrs. Platoon, and 2nd Opr Platoon.  The lower left picture has "Ronet Yards, Namur, Belq." on the back, and the picture in the lower right reads "Full Field Inspection, Ft. Snelling, Minn" on the back.

On the back it says, "H.J. Finley, Gutershol, Germany".  Mike

"aboard H.M.S.S Princess Maud, English Channel"   MikeTablet Scanner - Export File
  Here is one you may find interesting...the caption on the back reads, "Tom Jones and unexploded power section of V-2...Antwerp, Bel.    

743rd Railway Operating Battalion LStephenson photos

726th Railway Operating Battalion Co. C Thanksgiving Menu 1943

726th Tday Menu

764th Railway Shop Battalion photo

753rd Railway Shop Battalion 50th Anniversay

750th Railway Operating Battalion Glen Wilton article

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757th Transportation Battalion

U.S Army Railroad locomotive WWII

Claiborne and Polk Military Railway Louisiana

Louisiana 2

719th Railway Operating Battalion Walter F. Naedele Obit

719th Railway Operating Battalion Walter F

3rd TMRS Tidemand article

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712th TROB History and membership

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765th TRSB Korean Commisary article

765th orean Commisary

743rd Railway Operating BattalionCo. C photos of Paul T. Walker

Paul's son, Larry Walker writes ....

My father was Paul T. Walker, Sargeant with the 743rd Railway Operating Battalion Company C
The attached are a few of the pictures I have of him and comrades. I attached some labels at the bottom

Thanks Larry!!