724th Railway Operating Battalion Jack Naugle

Thanks so much to the family of Engineer, Jack Naugle for these great photos and docs. Son and nephew of Jack write ... Jack was the RR engineer in the 724th RR during WWII and especially in France where his unit was doing ammunition trains out of Paris toward the advancing front towards Germany.

All four of the Naugle brothers served overseas during WW II and all returned alive safely which was quite the homecoming story in this small south central PA town (15,000-20,000 population at the time). 3 of the brothers already had jobs on the Western Maryland RR before their enlisting in the services and they returned to those jobs in Hagerstown, MD as Road Foremen after the war. They are buried in Hagerstown. The youngest brother married a woman from Chambersburg and ran the woman's father's dairy farm nearby until his death.

724th Railway Operating Battalion unit history and timetable document

Below you will find a timetable document and unit history from the 724th Railway Operating Battalion -thanks to Naugle Family

724th Railway Operating Battalion History of WW2 1943-1945 by Nancy

724th Timetable

724th Timetable by Nancy