759th Railway Operating Battalion group photo

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The Repatriation of Fallen US Servicemen (From AGRS to JMAC) ( mortuary cars)

Naomi shares her amazing slide presentation " First of all, it was very interesting to tour your Military Railway Service blog. I can see why our presentation would be of interest. However, Jim and I are currently revising it as we have found more accurate information for a few details. So perhaps it would be best to include a caveat on the blog to that effect " I will post a new version when it becomes available !

From AGRS to JMAC 15Nov12 NJPetersen by Nancy

743rd Railway Operating Battalion Eugene Lewis

743rd ROB Eugene Lewis by Nancy on Scribd

Thanks to Eugene's son in law Bob!

737th Railway Operating Battalion partial roster

Scott is researching his Dad Walter and says

"I did find a roster from what I believe was their trip home in 1945.  I've attached a jpg with the image of the document.

According to this they were staged in Luzon, P.I.  and traveled back on ship # APA 121."