Atlantic Coast Training at Fort Slocum

Fort Slocum continued served as a recruit intake and specialist training center. It was the site of the Atlantic Coast Transportation Corps Officers' Training School from 1942 to 1944.

The school trained railroad men and other transportation specialists in the Army way of doing things before making them commissioned officers. A related program begun in 1943, the Provisional Training Center, provided basic training to other specialists and enlisted men.

German Reichsbahn Eagle 708th Railway Grand Division

Again thanks to Wilhelm for these...

 Presentation of a plaque with a German Reichsbahn-eagle and two affixed metal plates by Colonel W.S. Carr of the 708th Railway Grand Division to Brigade-General Clarance L. Burpee (commander of the Second Military Railway Service), at the German city of Bremerhaven in August 1945.

In the back standing a person with the wooden box to put the eagle into!
One of the engines was named to the commander of the unit as “COL. CARR SPECIAL, 1001” with the unit-number 708 RGD.

Thanks : Wilhelm P.B.R. Saris (Netherlands); material 708th Railway Grand Division, courtesy Bill Shea from the Ruptured Duck, Hubbartston (USA).

German Reichsbahn Eagle captured by Capt. William McCormick of the 722nd Railway Operating Battalion Co. A

Another great Reichsbahn Eagle sent to us from Wilhelm ( who is researching for a book ) , this time the eagle is from Capt. William McCormick of the 722nd Railway Operating Battalion Co. A - this is how the eagle was sent to his wife.

Thanks Wilhelm and Kristian !!
Material provides thanks to :Wilhelm P.B.R. Saris, (Netherlands)  and Kristian Anderson (USA).