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I've spent almost 30 years collecting, digitizing material about US Army railway units in WWII and Korea and making it freely available to the vets themselves, their families and researchers. My father served in Army Rail units in both WWII and in Korea,and it's been my life long interest.

Much of the material on this blog has been donated, but lots of it I have purchased over the years,  like the unit history books, I have also purchased various types of equipment for scanning and digitizing.

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Do you have items that you are going to sell on eBay? Send me a scan of it before you sell it - I will hold the scan until after your item sells and then I will post it on the blog for the families of the soldiers to enjoy. These items are so important to them - some items feature photos of their long deceased fathers/grandfathers and they are priceless to them. These items also tell the story of the amazing military service of the "greatest generation" make sure their families can freely see them.

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757th Railway Operating Battalion, company C -- Albert James Nevins

Mark writes about his grandfather Albert Nevins ...
My Grandfather previously served in the Army during WWI as a private in the Coastal Artillery Corps at Camp Eustis, VA. After he was discharged, he joined the Marine Corps and served in Cuba. After the onset of WWII, he volunteered for service and was Commissioned as a First Lieutenant, ultimately being assigned to C Co., 757th Railway Shop BN. The rest is history

Thanks Mark for sharing ...

763rd Railway Shop Battalion Joseph F De Luca

Pictured: Joseph F De Luca and his separation papers

His son, Michael writes ...thank you very much for posting "A History Of Two Years Of Activation" , my Father Joseph F De Luca , was assigned to Headquarters Company , his name is listed on page 39 of 70 in the article. It was very rewarding for me to read about their mission and learn what my father did during the war ! He had only told me stories , but never really described there actual mission. So again, I really enjoyed your history of their Battalion! Thanks Again ;Michael DeLuca