Fort Dodge Iowa Army Train Yard 1917

The photo was taken on (Printed on sign) "CAMP DODGE SEPT. 12, 1917 DES MOINES IOWA". Taken from a huge 46" long by 10" tall, these 1917 photo are like being in a time machine. Taken during America’s involvement in World War One, the Army Camp is busting with activity. Super details including Barracks, Tents, Soldiers, Mounted Soldiers, Guns, Army Wagons, Vintage Car, Trucks, Constuction Equipment, Materials, Workers Etc. The photo also features the Railroad yard with Railroad cars from ... ROCK ISLAND, CB & Q, BURLINGTON ROUTE, CHICAGO GREAT WESTERN, INTER-URBAN, UNION PACIFIC, PENNSYLVANIA, FRISCO Etc. There is even a view of a 1917 Motion Moving Passenger Train with a view of the STEAM from the STEAM ENGINE.