745th Railway Operating Battalion - RailBird newsletters pt 2 from Shaughnessy

Rail Birds Issue 1

Rail Birds Issue 1 - Copy

Rail Birds 7
Rail Birds 7 - Copy

745th Railway Operating Battalion - RailBird newsletters from Shaughnessy

Thanks to Mark for these great newsletters -other ROBs are mentioned.

Mark writes ....My dad was a conductor in the 745th ROB and I have some bits of info and a few wartime pics. I also attended the 55th reunion of the 745th in 2001.

Your site is great! I did all of my research in 2000-01 and many links were dead and few were interested, especially in the 'forgotten theater of war'.....China-Burma-India.

For starters, I have info on the ships & routes the 745th took to get to India and when they left. In storage I have newsletters they self-published while en route.

Thank you, Mark Shaughnessy

Rail Birds Issue 3

Rail Birds 3 - Copy

Rail Birds 8

Rail Birds 8 - Copy

Rail Bird 10

Rail Birds 10 by Nancy Cunningham