724th Railway Operating Battalion

718th Railway Operating Battalion cigarette holder

Turns out this is a cigarette holder
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753rd Railway Shop Battalion trench art

753rd Railway Shop Battalion art by Nancy on Scribd

Military Railway Service Transportation Corps calendar 1945

Military Railway Service Transportation Corps - United States Army - Wall calendar dated 1945. 12 monthly leaves, each with a wartime train photograph, starting with destruction and then rebuilding. Most photographs are in Italy with a few in France.

Military Railway Service Calendar 1945 by Nancy on Scribd

741st Railway Operating Battalion - Stout

741st ROB Stout by Nancy on Scribd

724th TROB misc docs

724 TROB by Nancy on Scribd

706th Railway Grand Division 25 October 1943 - 9 May 1945 unit member signatures

706th Railway Grand Divisio... by Nancy on Scribd

Locomotives: We don't forget old US iron Soldiers!

More from Ludovic ....I have now to write about old ROB soldiers which are preserved in our country : in this case, the steam locomotives type 060 same as the one shown with Mr Julian PETERS in Dreux station in 44. FRANCE bought 77 locomotives of this type in 1946 and they were called "030 TU" in the French specifications. There are two survivors of this time : the N° USA TC WD 4383, built in 1943 by DAVENPORT, is now in a railway museum in Longueville, near Paris, restored in its military livery and running, by the association named "AJECTA". The other one (USA TC WD 6102) built by HK PORTER from PITTSBURGH, in 1943, is always in Normandy ; I took photos of it in CAEN city, in 1988 and since 1996, it is preserved by an association "ACF", located in PONT-ERAMBOURG, in their railway museum. But it is not yet restored nor running : the association has not enough money to do this work and is awaiting for a sponsoring to help ! (photos joined)- We don't forget old US iron Soldiers !

The 4383 is in the living steam museum of AJECTA Association, in LONGUEVILLE, near PARIS, the site is : www.ajecta.fr ; they also have a Facebook page and videos in YouTube ; the 6102 is a Normandy rail museum, in PONT-ERAMBOURG, near CAEN, their site is : www.rails-collinesnormandes.fr ; also videos of them in YouTube (thanks Ludovic)

More on the 030 TU https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/030_TU 

743rd Railway Operating Battalion camp 1945 France

Amiens France 1945

740th Railway Operating Battalion reunoin roster 1976

740th reunoin roster.pdf by Nancy on Scribd

712th Timetable Korea 1954

712th Timetable Korea 1954 by Nancy on Scribd