Tm 5-410 - 29 November 1940 - Technical Manual Railway Shop Battalion

Tm 5-410 - 29 November 1940 - Railway Shop Battalion

723rd Railway Operating Battalion soldiers and mail

723rd Railway Operating Battalion

Raymond C. Jensen -Raymond was a Staff Sergeant with Company A, 723rd Railway Operating Battalion during World War II.

Wilbur A. Hunt-Wilbur was a Tech 5 with the Headquarters Company of the 723rd Railway Operating Battalion.

Guilford H. Howe - Corporal

721st Raliway Operating Battalion Company C History

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Railway Advertisement " Tourists"

759th Arkansas Railroader v.30 n.11

759th arkansas railroader.pdf by Nancy

759th Arkansas Railroader v.16 n.6

759th arkansas railroader 2.pdf by Nancy

743rd Railway Operating Battalion Major H.A. Rust article

743rd Rust

Railroad Sponsor units article (715th, 725th, 737th, 743rd, 750th, 759th ROB

743rd and Others Railroad Sponsors

732nd R.O.B. photo Major T.J. BRENNAN

Below is a photo of Major Thomas J. Brennan, the commanding officer of the battalion throughout the war.  He died in September of 1973. 


PHOTO from collection of Ernest Everett Pittman (PITTMAN Ernest Everett b 3 Nov 1908 IL d 20 June 1968 Mt.Vernon, IL , pre-war boxcar builder at Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Company)
Inscription on reverse of photo: "Major T.J. BRENNAN 732nd R.O.B." (handwritten)
This particular copy was printed on wartime Actien-Gesellschaft für Anilin-Fabrikation German paper (Agfa-Lupex paper), which would have been readily available at camera shops in Northern France.

In this photo, Maj. Brennan is holding a copy of the December 7, 1944, Stars and Stripes army newspaper, printed from  its Paris press.  (Vol. 1, No. 134 of that publication.) 
The headline reads "Saar Crossed at 6 Points /// 3rd Forces Four New Bridgeheads on 50-Mile Front"
There are two boxes of "Kleenex Tissues" and a pack of smokes behind him.

It is speculated that this photo was taken within one week of the publication date of the newspaper pictured (07-DEC-1944), because one week  later on 16 December the Germans sought to break through in the Ardennes forest, starting the Battle of the Bulge in which 19,000 American soldiers died.   
[The full front page of the newspaper can be seen at ]

[ Photo:  Major_Thomas_J_Brennan_DEC_1944.jpg ]

What makes a Railway Operating Battalion, Railway Shop Battalion or Railway Grand Division ?

Railway Grand Division:  Administrative unit which oversaw 4-5 Railway Operating Battalions (ROB) and 1-2 Railway Shop Battalions (RSB)

Railway Operating Battalion:  TO&E consisted of four (4) companies:
  • A:  Two (2) track platoons and one bridge platoon to handle construction
  • B:  Shop company: Two platoons responsible for equipment maintenance, one platoon shopped the rolling stock
  • C:  Operating & Supply company: provided engineers, conductors, and operations personnel
  • H & S:  Supplied the dispatchers, telegraphers, MPs, and other support personnel
Railway Shop Battalion:  Performed major/minor overhauls, electrical repair, blacksmithing
  • A:  Responsible for lathes, milling machines, locomotive repair
  • B:  Boiler repair, firebox rebuilds, blacksmithing
  • C:  Foundry operation
  • H & S:  Administrative duties, supply and maintenance of shop power and equipment

714th Transportation Battalion History

714th Trans Bn by Nancy Cunningham on Scribd

714th Transportation Battalion

712th TROB locomotive

712th Railway Operating Battalion : 'From Oakland' article

712th Oakland

712th Railway Operating Battalion History

712th Trans Bn by Nancy Cunningham

714th Railway Operatrng Battalion Christmas Card

US Army Locomotive #1217

770 Railway Operating Battalion 1943 Christmas Menu

770thxmas Menu 1943 by on Scribd

735th Railway Operating Battalion McClelland photos

Thanks to Mike McClelland for sharing his Dad's photos !

  The wording on the back of the one in the upper left reads "Finley and his pride--Remicourt, Belg.".  The upper right says "Call Board".  The title at the top read CO. C. 735th RY. OPN. BN.  The three categories below it read 1st Opr. Platoon, Hqtrs. Platoon, and 2nd Opr Platoon.  The lower left picture has "Ronet Yards, Namur, Belq." on the back, and the picture in the lower right reads "Full Field Inspection, Ft. Snelling, Minn" on the back.

On the back it says, "H.J. Finley, Gutershol, Germany".  Mike

"aboard H.M.S.S Princess Maud, English Channel"   MikeTablet Scanner - Export File
  Here is one you may find interesting...the caption on the back reads, "Tom Jones and unexploded power section of V-2...Antwerp, Bel.