Atlantic Coast Transportation Corps Officers Training School October 1943

Atlantic Coast Trans Corp Officer Training Oct 43

U.S. Army Locomotoves-- Lionel Trains

Korean War - Pork Chop Hill article and rail support

Korea 1

754th Railwqay Operating Battalion Frederick Ledbetter Obit

Ledbetter 754th RSB

Boston and Maine Railway Troop Ticket WWII

2nd Military Railway Service Pictorial History Headquarters in ETO WWII

2nd MilitaryRailwayServiceETO by Nancy on Scribd

You can see full color version here Thanks Jean !

United States Army Heritage and Education Center Library Catalog listing for "Railway Operating "

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AHCO Digital Document System, AHCO Research Catalog, Military Education and Research Library Network (MERLN), US Army Center of Military History website and the US Army War College Library catalog.
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The 727th Railway Operating Battalion in World War II - Unit History

099 9 |a 1302 |a -727 |a 1948 1101 |a United States. |b Army. |b Railway Operating Battalion, 727th. 24514 |a The 727th Railway Operating Battalion in World War II. 260 |a New York : |b Simmons-Boardman Pub. Corp., |c 1948. 300 |a [5], 102 p. : |b ill., ports. ; |c 29 cm. 500 |a May be attributed to the 727th Railway Operating Battalion? 500 |a Ill. on lining papers. 61010 |a United States. |b Army. |b Railway Operating Battalion, 727th |x History. 61010 |a United States. |b Army. |b Railway Operation Battalion, 727th |v Registers. 650 0 |a World War, 1939-1945 |x Regimental histories |z United States. 690 |a Unit histories |x Battalions |z United States |x Army |x Railway Operating |x 727th.

727th Railway Operating Battalion - Unit History

728th Railway Operating Battalion L&N speaker series

L & N sponsored rail effort during WWII, speaker says: Old L&N Depot's All Aboard' series spotlights 728th Railway Operating Battalion
Justin Story

Nov. 29--War transported them from the railroad depots along the Louisville and Nashville Railroad to the European theater.
They weren't soldiers on the front lines, but members of the 728th Railway Operating Battalion, railroad operators who supplied the soldiers of the Allied forces during World War II.
David Wilkins, a native of Bardstown who studied history at Western Kentucky University, spoke Saturday about the work undertaken in Europe by the battalion, which was sponsored by the L&N Railroad.
Now an attorney in St. Louis, Wilkins researched and wrote a thesis while at WKU on the 728th ROB, one of several World War II-era battalions sponsored by American railroad companies.

He returned to the Old L&N Depot on Saturday as part of the historic museum's "All Aboard" monthly lecture series. Wilkins said the formation of the rail battalions came about as an answer to the question facing the American rail industry just before the war: If the U.S. and Allied forces had to fight in Europe, how do you supply the massive armies as they make their way through the continent?
"The answer was, 'Let's see if these railroads will sponsor these units and let the railroaders do what they do best,' " Wilkins said. The battalion, which was activated in 1942, consisted of 900 civilian L&N employees and about 30 officers who received basic training in U.S. Army bases, all split into about 70 detachments.

Wilkins said the battalion focused on making several inexpensive rail cars that would be shipped to England and used during the war effort to haul ammunition and other supplies to Allied soldiers throughout Europe. In Europe, the battalion operated from a rail port in Cherbourg, France. "The Germans had sabotaged the port," Wilkins said, noting that the bombing of the port by the retreating Germans had the effect of disabling rail cars and crippling supply lines. While researching his thesis, Wilkins interviewed members of the battalion, who talked of their experiences in France, including witnessing the execution of French people who had contributed to or supported German efforts during the war. In other cases, police chased French women who had supported the Germans during the war and shaved their heads, Wilkins said. After rebuilding the port, the 728th ROB shipped out 1,600 rail cars of supplies each day to Allied soldiers, Wilkins said. Once the war turned in favor of the Allies, control of the port in Cherbourg was gradually returned to French civilians.

Relying on magazine articles and public records, in addition to interviews for much of his research, Wilkins said the 728th ROB suffered virtually no casualties during the war -- Cherbourg was far removed from
the front lines. Wilkins said he was interested in learning more about the battalion because he grew up in a house in Bardstown along the rail line and there had been little scholarly work done on the 728th battalion's efforts."They were average people who were railroaders by trade and were able to serve their country as professional railroaders supplying the Allies," Wilkins said. "It's a good story because many of the people who served (in the battalion) did not see combat, but they played an important role. Without those transportation corps, it would have been very difficult to supply the Allies as they marched through Europe."

Sharon Tabor, executive director of the museum, said that railroads have been a long-standing passion for Wilkins, and that his lecture on the battalion was a fitting choice for Saturday's meeting, coming between Veterans Day and the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which "He has a very strong railroad background, volunteering at the Illinois Railway Museum and the St. Louis Museum of Transportation," Tabor said.

759th Railway Operating Battalion -Arthur Rockwood photos and docs

also served briefly 711th, 754th and 727th

725th Railway Operating Battalion photos

725th Railway Operating Battalion Christmas Card


740th Railway Operating Battalion James Thomas Davis

740th James Thomas Davis

726th Railway Operating Battalion Guy Wooldridge

726th Railway Operating Battalion Guy Wooldridge

733rd Railway Operating Battalion --Camp Jesse Turner Arkansas

770th Railway Operating Battalion Company C photo- Alaska

746th Railway Operating Battalion -Louie Edmistion

U.S. Army Railroad Engine #620, 2-8-0

B &O Railroad Training Army Dispatchers 1951

774th Transportation Group

Army Soldiers Train England

741st Railway Operating Battalion Walter Zank tunrs 100 !

741st Walter Zank

727th Railway Operating Battalion - Time Magazine:U.S. At War: Millionaire Battalion

727th Time Magazine

765th TRSB Norman Wiltrout article

765 th Wiltrout

Nevers France Railway Shop and Camp WWI

723rd Engineer Railway Operating Battalion photo

This is an original 1942,  4 1/2" by 2 1/4" WW-2 Photo, that shows a officer (Lieutenant?) with his lady. He was assigned to the US Army
723rd Engineer Railway Operating Battalion. Note the early uniform with John Brown Belt, riding pants and boots. This photo came from the collection of a veteran of the 723rd.

The 723rd was originally organized as the 614th Railway Engineer Battalion in 1924. In 1933 it was redesignated as the 614th Engineer Battalion a Reserve unit affiliated with the Union Pacific Railroad Company and reorganized in February, 1941 as the 723rd Railway Operating Battalion, Transportation Corps. From 1943 to 1945, the 723rd operated in the European Theater in England, France, Belgium, and Germany. It was part of the occupation forces in Germany from May to October 1945.

729th Engineer Railway Operating Battalion William Kolberg obit

729th Engineer Railway Operating Battalion William Kolberg

727th Railway Operating Battalion Robert E. Butler Obit

727th Butler Obit

Camp Harahan: 765th Transportation Battalion, 740th ROB

Camp Harahan

The Grossman family: 8 brothers who helped the war effort during WWII

This is a great story about the uncle of Jim Grossman,  one of our contributors ( who served in the 763rd) and it talks about the 8 Grossman boys ( his Dad and Uncle's ) who all helped out the war effort ( 6 served in combat roles) during WWII.
Jim writes ...

Here is a Today Show piece about  my Uncle Carl Grossman, the last of 8 brothers from Pittsburgh who served in WW II at the same time.  Uncle Carl, in his 90's ,still works, as a greeter at a Walmart, in  a suburb of Detroit.  The interviews with him were done there and at the WW II Museum  in New Orleans.  He was  a special guest of Tom Brokaw the weekend they dedicated a new wing therein November 2009. I have also attached a story from the Detroit News.  The Today Show piece, shown right before Christmas in 2009, won the Emmy Award for best feature story on a national news show. My Dad was one of two brothers who were exempted because of age and having two children, but he is the one mentioned in the piece who worked on building parts for the atom bomb at the Westinghouse plant in East Pittsburgh.  The old pictures and movies in the Today Show piece were mostly taken by my Dad.

763rd Railway Battalion -- Jim Grossman

Thanks so much to Jim for these great photos.
Jim Grossman writes ...
I was the supply officer for the 763rd Railway Battalion (Maintenance) at Ft. Eustis, Va. from Sept. 1964 to about July 1965, when I left to go to 8th Army Hqs in Korea. The battalion was being taken out of service at that time.

Here are two; in one I am sitting in engine 606 in Jan.1965, and the other is a photo of me with fellow lieutenants during a field exercise at Ft. Eustis in March 1965. In that photo, Lt. Colonel Walsh, the battalion commander is promoting 2nd Lt. Cummins to 1st Lt. I am second from the right in the photo.
At that time there where two battalions in a Group (I cannot recall the Group's number and name). They were the 714th Operating Battalion and the 763rd Maintenance Battalion. I got orders in March 1965 to be reassigned to the 8th Army in Korea the coming July. About a month after that, nearly every lieutenant in both battalions received orders to report to Danang in Vietnam around the same time.

The 714th and 763rd were the last two railroad battalions in the Army in 1965, I believe. I do not know if they were revived there or in Vietnam.

716th Christmas Card Thanks Tom Whittle !

716th Christmas Card Thanks Tom Whittle !

716thchristmascard by on Scribd

728th Railway Operating Battalion -- Richard Fenzel Obituary

728th Richard Fenzel Obituary

729th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion Anthony Swiatowy Obit

729th Transportation Railway operating Battalion Anthony Swiatowy

Anthony Swiatowy
CORFU — Anthony Swiatowy, 83, of Corfu, formerly of Akron, died Thursday (Sept. 29, 2011) at home surrounded by his loving family.
He was born in Buffalo on May 26, 1928, the son of the late Felix and Pearl (Popek) Swiatowy.
Mr. Swiatowy attended Akron High School and went on to proudly serve in the U.S. Army from 1950-1951, in the 729th Transportation Railway operating Battalion at Fort Meade, Md.
He was employed at Bell Aircraft from 1951-1959, and retired from Buffalo Crushed Stone as a mechanic crusher operator in 1993 after 34 years of service.
A member of the First United Methodist Church of Akron, Tony will be remembered for his great sense of humor. He also loved his family and he will be greatly missed by his wife children, grandchildren and nieces and nephews.
He felt that his grandchildren and great grandchildren were a total blessing in his life. Following his retirement Tony enjoyed growing pumpkins on his small farm and collecting antique tractors. He also enjoyed hunting.
Tony is the loving husband of the former Patricia (Scarborough) Swiatowy, whom he married April 17, 1951. Loving father of David (Shirley Shankles), of S. Pittsburg, Tenn., Thomas (Erin) Swiatowy, and Deborah (Kevin) Schultz both of Akron.
He was the cherished grandfather of Jill (Martin) Heitzmann, Kelly Schultz, Michelle Swiatowy, Elizabeth Schultz, Jennifer (Richie) Kirkum, Peter (Jennifer) Swiatowy and Nicole (Michael) Beeken. Great-grand father of Natalie Beecken, Ryleigh Kirkum, Colin Kirkum, Cayden Beecken and Makenna Beecken. Dear brother of Celia (late Laslie) Matusek, Bernice (late Dominic) Delre, Dorothy (late Donald) Walf, Josephine (Dennis) Waldron and the late Florence (Darwin) Marble, Felix (Gladys) Swiatowy and Frank Swiatowy.
Also surviving are several nieces and nephews.
The family will receive friends from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday in the Childs Funeral Home, LLC, 10 Eckerson Ave., Akron, where services will be held at 11 a.m. Monday. The Rev. David Weidman will officiate. Burial will be in Evergreen Lawn Cemetery, Akron. In lieu of flowers the family requests donations in Tony’s memory be made to Hospice and Home Care Batavia. Visit

WWI 33rd Engineers (Company D) US Army of the American Expeditionary Forces, Nevers France July 1918

Lot of real photos in good condition, vintage World War I images of the American S.O.S. railroad workshop and camp at Nevers, France - circa 1918. Some edge wear and typical aging. 5 3/8 x 3.5 inches.
• 10 of the images are signed as by photographer Pierre Premery.
• The other seven are assumed to be by Premery but are not signed, there are several duplicates in this group of the interior of the railroad workshop.
• There is one card with a postcard back of the railroad yard exterior.
Company D, 33rd engineers of the American Expeditionary Forces, WWI, built the railroad car repair shops and yards, including a German prison camp and American barracks. The base began operations in July 1918 and served as a central depot in the Services of Supply (S.O.S) intermediate zone.
Pierre Premery was one of the foremost French photographers, he lived in Nevers and is the subject of the book, "Regard du Photographe Pierre Premery, Nevers et sa region de 1906 A 1956", by Monique Premery-Thuriot.

716th Railway Operating Battalion-- Thomas Lee Whittle

Thanks so much to Tom Whittle for sharing some of his Dad's (Thomas Lee Whittle) photos and documents from his service in the 716th ROB.
Tom would love to talk with others who's Dad or Grand Dad served with this unit.
You can contact him here: Thomas Whittle tlwhittle[at]

From Thomas ...My dad was a railroader for 7 years before enlisting and his dad was a railroader too. He was with the Southern Pacific, I think, in St. Louis or East St. Louis but was done with "the roads" after he mustered out in '45.

He married my mother (Bette) in 1940, worked on the Southern Pacific RR in St. Louis and attended night school classes until he joined the Army in '44. He mustered out of the Army in '45, attended Northwestern University in Chicago where he studied accounting, graduated in 1949. We lost him in Nov., 1960 at
age 42 from cancer and he is interred at Elm Lawn Cemetery in Elmhurst, IL.

716threcord of Events

729th Railway Operating Battalion

729th Railway Operating Battalion Jerry Pavia

Thanks to Jerry Pavia for sharing some of his Dad's wonderful photos !

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