763rd Railway Battalion -- Jim Grossman

Thanks so much to Jim for these great photos.
Jim Grossman writes ...
I was the supply officer for the 763rd Railway Battalion (Maintenance) at Ft. Eustis, Va. from Sept. 1964 to about July 1965, when I left to go to 8th Army Hqs in Korea. The battalion was being taken out of service at that time.

Here are two; in one I am sitting in engine 606 in Jan.1965, and the other is a photo of me with fellow lieutenants during a field exercise at Ft. Eustis in March 1965. In that photo, Lt. Colonel Walsh, the battalion commander is promoting 2nd Lt. Cummins to 1st Lt. I am second from the right in the photo.
At that time there where two battalions in a Group (I cannot recall the Group's number and name). They were the 714th Operating Battalion and the 763rd Maintenance Battalion. I got orders in March 1965 to be reassigned to the 8th Army in Korea the coming July. About a month after that, nearly every lieutenant in both battalions received orders to report to Danang in Vietnam around the same time.

The 714th and 763rd were the last two railroad battalions in the Army in 1965, I believe. I do not know if they were revived there or in Vietnam.