753rd 50 year reunion ceramic locomotive

710th Commendation Gene Bryan

765th TRSB Hospital Train photo

Arkansas Railroader 1985 -Railroads at War

759th Arkansas Railroader 2 by Nancy Cunningham

Arkansas Railroader 1999 -759th Railroading Soldiers

759th Arkansas Railroader

728th The L&N’s Battalion: The Story of the 728th Railway Operating Battalion, sponsored by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company during the Second World War by David Matthew Wilkins

728th Railway Operating Battalion Unit Histry / Thesis by Nancy

735th Railway Operating Battalion - Gene Bryan

From Russ Bryan....

  Lastly is a photo of my Dad, second from the left, in the back of a truck. I enlarged the photo and for the first time noted the man on the far left is holding a M-1 carbine rifle. I also discovered the truck's bumper is marked "735" on the left, and "ROB" on the right. The apparent garbage can with steam coming from it in the far right of the photo, was the Army's version of field dish washing. That is where they cleaned their mess kits. It was still done that way when I was in the Army from 76 to 79, while in the field. Thanks. Russ Bryan

735th Railway Operating Battalion WWII European Map

Army WW2 Transportation Corps Field Manual


735th ROB : Diary of Joe Muia

Diary from a soldier in C Co. 735th ROB; Mr. Joe Muia. It was provided by Mr. Lester Dahl, another member of C Co. to Russ in 1998.

735 Diary by cunningb

Thanks to Russ for this ...

765th TRSB Korea 1953-54 Fantastic photos taken by Corporal Johnie F. Boulton

Thanks to his son, Steve Boulton for these photos.

Some notes on the photos of the 765th of TRSB photos from Corporal Johnie F. Boulton

These photos are from the 53-54 time frame. Dad worked on the Illinois Central in Fulton Ky. prior to the war and for a short time afterward. After the war jobs were scarce and to continue to work for ICRR would mean he would have to move. He met my mom after Korea while he was stationed in Ft Belvoir Va. And the rest is history.

The picture of the dog is the company mascot, Trooper. It was bought for a single carton of cigarettes.

The shop pictures are from inside the diesel shop. All of the engines in the shop are SW8 type engines. The engine in the back on the left is, as best as I can read is # 2021, now located at Cape Kennedy as a museum display and was used to transport the titan rockets around.

The photo of dad at the controls of switch engine #2001…. That engine is one of the 4 engines left in Korea and is now part of the Korean railway museum.

The transfer table pictures… the engines were driven on to the table then moved to the front of the repair bay it was going to be worked on then driven off the table into the shop.

Dad thought the pictures of the steam engine were of the Pershing engine but a close look of the label on the boiler where dad is squatting beside the boiler says Kawasaki.

Dad said that most of the Koreans that worked in the shop worked in the steam shop.

The picture of the injector room and it can also be seen on the left of one of the shop pictures, is where they repaired and maintained the injectors for the diesel engines.

The thanksgiving dinner spread was the company dinner in 1953.

The picture of Santa and his reindeer is December 1953.

The pictures of the electric shop, was where the power for the shops came from. I believe dad said that it was used to switch from DC power to AC power to run the machinery.

The picture of the Pusan docks is where trains were loaded and unloaded from ships. Dad said that it was the end of the dock.

The pictures of switch engine 2022, is the crew packaging the engine up in preparation to be shipped back to the states. This was in 1954.