741st Railway Operating Battalion Harmon B. Lindsey

Jay writes about his Uncle Buddy ...
attached is the picture of my Uncle who was killed in Leige along with the train. You can see his name stenciled in on the side of the Engine. I wonder how that occurred since he was only a Private.

722nd Railway Operating Battalion Reunions

Thanks so much to Marsha, Baldwin's daughter for sharing these reunion photos.
Does anyone know folks in these photos ?
Marsha writes ...
Many of these photos were taken at reunion in New Orleans.
These photos like the last set and the next set I will be sending was at a convention in New Orleans, but I do not know what year.
The first photo contains my mother, Alma Baldwin.  She has a brooch at her waistline on her dress.
Attached please find some photos that my parents, J. D. & Alma Baldwin took at some conventions.  This first set is St. Paul in 1982.  I do not know anyone in these photos except that from left to right in photo two, I believe that is Robert & Virginia Seeley.
I believe the first photograph is Herbert & Alice Borgerding?  Would love to know who everyone is!
These were taken in the Bahamas for the September 1975 convention.  My husband and I were on this trip as it was our honeymoon.