722nd Railway Operating Battalion Reunions

Thanks so much to Marsha, Baldwin's daughter for sharing these reunion photos.
Does anyone know folks in these photos ?
Marsha writes ...
Many of these photos were taken at reunion in New Orleans.
These photos like the last set and the next set I will be sending was at a convention in New Orleans, but I do not know what year.
The first photo contains my mother, Alma Baldwin.  She has a brooch at her waistline on her dress.
Attached please find some photos that my parents, J. D. & Alma Baldwin took at some conventions.  This first set is St. Paul in 1982.  I do not know anyone in these photos except that from left to right in photo two, I believe that is Robert & Virginia Seeley.
I believe the first photograph is Herbert & Alice Borgerding?  Would love to know who everyone is!
These were taken in the Bahamas for the September 1975 convention.  My husband and I were on this trip as it was our honeymoon.