What makes a Railway Operating Battalion, Railway Shop Battalion or Railway Grand Division ?

Railway Grand Division:  Administrative unit which oversaw 4-5 Railway Operating Battalions (ROB) and 1-2 Railway Shop Battalions (RSB)

Railway Operating Battalion:  TO&E consisted of four (4) companies:
  • A:  Two (2) track platoons and one bridge platoon to handle construction
  • B:  Shop company: Two platoons responsible for equipment maintenance, one platoon shopped the rolling stock
  • C:  Operating & Supply company: provided engineers, conductors, and operations personnel
  • H & S:  Supplied the dispatchers, telegraphers, MPs, and other support personnel
Railway Shop Battalion:  Performed major/minor overhauls, electrical repair, blacksmithing
  • A:  Responsible for lathes, milling machines, locomotive repair
  • B:  Boiler repair, firebox rebuilds, blacksmithing
  • C:  Foundry operation
  • H & S:  Administrative duties, supply and maintenance of shop power and equipment