729th Railway Operating Battalion Reunion Bullentin 1959 and some of the guys !

Photo #95 is from L to R, starting with the back row, Watson, Malone, Trager, McNamara, Levesque, McGhee, Stinson, Snyder, Bundage, Freney, Mikkelson, Sheffield; 03-1944

729th Bulletin 1959

Thanks again Toni A


Phyllis said...


My name is Phyllis Ann Trager Evola, and I am the daughter of Harry R. Trager.
I appreciate all the work and research my daughter, Toni, is doing to preserve the history of these men that served during W.W.II in the Railroad Battalion. They put their lives on the line every day as they rode the rails. Supply trains were a very important part of the War effort of the U.S., and the enemy knew it. They constantly bombed and strafed them. My Dad came home with what they called "shell shock" from this. Now they would probably call it PTSD. I was in

Thank you for helping to preserve this legacy and honor these men.