730th Railway Operating Battalion Reunion group roster

This is amazing card catalog ( 600 hand scanned 3x5 cards) of the 730th ROB reunion group cards are scanned alpha and include information like soldiers name , address in 1960 and 1970, wife's name and sometimes date of death.


Unknown said...

my father passed away in 1987

Anonymous said...

My Grandfather Helmer Wayne Hancock served in this Battalion. I would very much enjoy learning more about his comrades and stories from the operations in Iran during the War if you have the time. My grandfather was my hero and was a very important figure in my life. I am currently working on our family history to pass down to his current and future descendants and am looking to learn more about that time in his life.
Thank you for your time and especially Thank You for posting these card,
Karina Ripsom
email klripsom@yahoo.com