Military Railway Service events

To MRS Veterans and Friends:

During the next several months, two significant events will be taking place to preserve and honor the heritage and memory of those who served and supported the many accomplishments of the Military Railway Service. Both events are open to the public and you are cordially invited to attend and participate.

On 20 June 2011 at 10:00 a ground breaking ceremony will be held at the Ft. Eustis Army Transportation Museum marking the beginning of construction of the Transportation Corps Rail Pavilion.

Efforts have been underway for over 25 years to provide the proper facilities in recognition to our Transportation Corps Rail units and the Railroad Industry that sponsored, helped train, and supplied them since before World War II (WWII).

Please advise the Foundation by June 13 at or (757) 878-1180 of your availability to join us in this long awaited historical event.

On October 29 and 30, 2011 the Southern Forest Heritage Museum of Long Leaf, LA, will be holding its first annual Camp Claiborne / Claiborne - Polk Military Railway (C&P) symposium.

The C&P was a 47 mile railroad constructed in 1942 and 1942 between Camp Claiborne, LA, and Camp Polk, LA, by the 711th Railway Operating Battalion with help from the 91st and 93rd Engineer Battalions. It became the primary Army owned and operated facility for "technical" training of Military Railway Service (MRS) units in WWII. Both Camp Claiborne and the C&P were declared excess and dismantled shortly after WWII.

The symposium will feature both formal presentations as well as on the ground explorations of the facilities and rail right of way that once existed. Additional information and details will be posted shortly at or from Lt. Melinda West at

Mark Metz, LTC-TC (USAR-Ret.)
Rail Committee
U. S. Army Transportation Corps Museum Foundation
(717) 597-2636