720th Railway Operating Battalion photo

Emmanuel Delaville from Normandy, France emailed me about this photo if you have any information on this unit or this photo please email !

May you could help me:

I have attached one picture about men of the 720th Railway Operating Battalion who was taken on August 5, 1944 in the railway station of Lison in Normandy.
I have found this legend with the picture but it seems there is some errors ( Soldiers Ranks, number of soldiers ).
May you have in your archives an other legend?

Date: 5 août 1944.

Dispatchers office du 720th Railroad Operating Battalion..

L to R : .

Cpl Arthur Swisher, Corning, O.; .

M/Sgt John Verneiren, Springfield, Mans.;.

T/Sgt Archie Kidd, Nighgrove, Cal.;.

Sepper Buck, Ely Cambs, England; . ??

Sgt Melvin R. Holmberg, Minneapolis, Minn.; .

Sgt Warren E. Roberts, Minneapolis, Minn.; .

Lt George H. Shavel, Chicago, Ill.;.

T/Sgt John H. Toler, Pesch Orchard, Ark.;.

S/Sgt Ronald P. Stockman, Speener, Wisconsin. .