761st Railway Transportation Company




Mary Darby said...

My father was in the 761st Engr Ry Transportation Co and I am looking for information about what this Co experienced . Of,course, like most of them my father never spoke about it that much. He has long passed away and if you know of any sites or a possible book I would appreciate any information you could offer to me.I do know that he was in Algeria, French Morocco, Tunsia, Rome Arno, Rhineland, Central Europe, that is where I was born, so I am proof of that. Thank you I am Mary Darby

Anonymous said...

Mary Darby,

I was doing some research after finding some papers in a tub in our basement which showed my father's discharge papers from the US Army in 1945. It showed him being a member of the 761st Railway Transportation Co. with service in the Rome-Arno Campaign, Naples-Foggia Campaign, Rhineland Campaign, and the Algeria-French Morocco Campaign. This overseas service was to 2 years 6months and 4days. He was discharged to the Bruns Army Hospital in Santa Fe, NM and then on to the VA in Excelsior Springs, MO. This is about the most I could find. As you had mentioned in your post, my father did not speak much of this time period either so I don't know much more than this. I hope you find this post as much time has passed since your original post.

Cunningb2 said...

I dont know if i was ever able to get in touch with Mary in 2013 but please get in touch with me directly Jerry. Everything i know about the unit is posted here but i'd love to post anything you may have you could share of your dad's service.
thanks Nancy

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