757th Railway Shop Battalion - Henry Brill

Fantastic photos and discharge papers from Henry Brill 757th Railway Shop Battalion sent to us by his son, Bruce.

From Bruce : A word about my dad (that's not in the attached docs)... His both parents were immigrants from Europe (father from Germany and mother from Hungary). A combination of Yiddish and German was spoken at their home and I believe that his knowledge of spoken German came in handy during WWII, especially when the RSB (Railway Shop Battalion) set up operations in Kassel, Germany in 1945. According to Dave Kaufman, they had over 4000 German employees working at their plant while under the RSB.
My dad had two sets of dogtags: one with an "H" indicating Jewish; a second set with a "P," Protestant, while in conflict with the Germans in case he'd fall into their hands.

Thanks -Bruce !

757th Railway Service Battalion Brill by Nancy on Scribd


Anonymous said...

Hi - We are planning to write a book which will include the 757th Battalion during WWII. We need to contact current or former members of the 757th. Can you help? Thank you. John Shontz, Upper Musselshell Historic Society, Harlowton, Montana,

Anonymous said...

Hi, Oct 18, 2011
I happened to read your post regarding the 757th in WWII. My late father, Joseph was a welder in that RR Batallion and served in Kassel Germany in 1945, I believe at the captured Henchel Werks plant. Feel free to contact me regarding any information that I might be able to provide. Thank You

Anonymous said...

My Dad was 1st sergeant WB (Red) Martin. he served in the 757th RSB, Head Quarters Company. He spoke many times about a Capt. Shingler (phonetic spelling). He also spoke about another sargent by the name of Jimmy Manius, an enlisted man by the name of Billy Masuchi, Buck Dias and another man by the name of Bob Abplanalp (who was the inventer of the aerosol valve. I have quite a bit of information on my Dad's service, that I am willing to share.

U.S. Military Railway Service said...

Anonymous 757th RSB

Please contact me directly and thanks !

Nancy-- cunningb2@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I will be posting a photograph today of my father and the other officers in the 757th RSB on my family heritage page from RAILWAY AGE magazine April 29, 1944. The photograpy identifies all the men in the image and I can get you a scan of this if you wish.
Helen Eugenia McReynolds Farnsworth

my dad was Eugene Swem McReynolds. I will send you a link to that page in just a minutes

Anonymous said...

Here is the site where the photography from Raiway Age on the 757th RR SB is posted,

Helen Farnsworth

Anonymous said...

I am the granddaughter of Leo J. Winter who was a T/5 grade in the 757th. Does anyone happen to know of him, stories, pictures or anything else? He died in 1954 and I would love to find out more about him, especially for my father. Thank you to anyone who may have anything about him. You can email me directly at ginawinter4@hotmail.com