Solve a mystery : 3rd TMRS Korea "Roving Sally " Crime lab Korea 1954

Pat Garland is researching the "Roving Sally " a specially equipped mobile crime lab boxcar that was used by the MPs in Korea to investigate thefts at railyards.

Here is a clip about it from the 1954 Stars and Stripes

Please email me if you have any informrtion on this

Pat says ... I am researching a boxcar used by CID Agents, attached to the 3rd TMRS during 1953-54. It was called "Roving Sally" and was a crime lab, of sorts. It was made from an old boxcar and was furnished with a photo darkroom, a fingerprint processing area, sleeping facility for seven people and was hauled from place to place to supress thefts from rail yards. I would assume that the car would have been refitted by the shop battalion.

I am hoping to find better quality photos or maybe even shop drawings of the car. The Transportation Museum, at Ft Eustis has never heard of the boxcar??
Any assistance you can provide will be deeply appreciated!