Railway Unit pin 397th MP Battalion

397th MP Battalion

thanks George !


Anonymous said...

From a photo i just found in 8 boxes of my fathers memories, there was a very faded shot that showed the unit name

This i have just learned is the pin of the 397th MP Batallion who were the "Railway dicks" who protected the railway in the American Zone

Anonymous said...

Nice Pin! I have Presentation Plates with same design and photo of 4 members standing in front of the HQ.

Anonymous said...

Please contact me and send me the photo and I'll post it

Nancy cunningb2@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

My father was a RR detective with the 397th. He helped solve a case in which 2 box cars full of lucky stripe cigerettes were stolen. He told me the train engineers would stop on a curve part of the track and people would steele thing befor the guard could get down to the car. befor each trip my dad would go up to the engineer and tap his .45 on the side and tell them if they stopped a bullet would be on its way to the cab.