721st Railway Operating Battalion John T. Jack Moore- obit

721st Rob John T by Nancy


Unknown said...

I have over a hundred letters that a United States Solider sent back to his family. Sergeant John C Shipley. The letters were sent to a Mrs Don Kiffy who lived in Topeka Kansas. Just about all the letters were from 1944-1945 and were sent from Germany, India and France. I about 3 letters that read " 721st RAILWAY OPERATING BATTALION FEB-7-1945" I've searched and searched and searched cannot find any record of this man online. He has no connection to my family but still I wish I could find at least one page with his name on it. Also on every letter, he has his issued ID number and I've searched that and still nothing.

Cunningb2 said...

Contact me by email - I'd love to have scans copies of some of them for the blog !

Thanks Nancy cunningb2@gmail.com