750th Railway Operating Battalion Marion Vance

750th vancil


James M. Horsfall said...

A medic and 2 cooks died in a railroad box fire at Heming, France on 1/12/1945. One of them was most likely Marion Vancil. The cars were use for housing of men of Co. A, 750 ROB. The cause of the pre-dawn fire was never determined. Most of the cars housed 4 men with a round stove in the middle. The railroad I was in was about 4 cars away.
James M. Horsfall, Co. A, 750 ROB

Cunningb2 said...
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Cunningb2 said...

Thanks James get in touch if you have anything from your service you'd like to share on the blog ! Thanks for the info on Marion !

Nancy cunningb2(@)gmail.com

Unknown said...

Thanks for adding more information about the incident. Marion Vancil was my uncle. We only knew that he died in the fire.
Robert Butterfield