Memorial Day 2015 sites to search for Americans who dies in US wars

Memorial Day, coming up Monday, May 25, honors Americans who died in military service to their country here are websites where you can search for who died serving in US wars:
  • Nationwide Gravesite Locator database from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, which catalogs burial locations of veterans and their family members in VA national cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, other military and Department of the Interior cemeteries, and private cemeteries (after 1997) when the grave is marked with a government marker
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I've spent almost 30 years collecting, digitizing material about US Army railway units in WWII and Korea and making it freely available to the vets themselves, their families and researchers. My father served in Army Rail units in both WWII and in Korea,and it's been my life long interest.

Much of the material on this blog has been donated, but lots of it I have purchased over the years,  like the unit history books, I have also purchased various types of equipment for scanning and digitizing.

Right now,  I have 2 huge scanning projects going on (they could be just the unit you are looking for information about)  and have bought a new digital document camera for the larger books. You can help me continue the work of this blog by making a donation.

Please help especially if you have enjoyed materials you found here and want others to continue to learn about these units ! If you'd like to send a check email me : Nancy- or send me a Amazon gift card ( that where I purchased the scanner)

Also if you have materials you'd like to donate please contact me ! If you have precious materials collecting dust in some box in your attic from your dad, granddad or uncle contact me,  I will help you scan (digitize) these items so you create an archive of the materials ( documents, photos etc) for your family. Being archived digitally ensures you can share with younger members of the family and I will post the materials to the blog so that everyone will know of your soldier's service. Thanks --I will be happy to help you or will happily take any donated items

Do you have items that you are going to sell on eBay? Send me a scan of it before you sell it - I will hold the scan until after your item sells and then I will post it on the blog for the families of the soldiers to enjoy. These items are so important to them - some items feature photos of their long deceased fathers/grandfathers and they are priceless to them. These items also tell the story of the amazing military service of the "greatest generation" make sure their families can freely see them.

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** I have been working on a HUGE scanning project and it has required that I buy a rather expensive 3rd scanner .. if you can donate a few bucks toward this effort it would be greatly appreciated.It's not magic that made all this available it took thousands of hours and lots of specialized equipment. Thanks 

Norfolk Southern's "Veterans Locomotive" to celebrate Armed Forces Day at Fort Eustis, VA

Norfolk Southern's "Veterans Locomotive" to celebrate Armed Forces Day at Fort Eustis, VA On May 15th and 16th, Joint Base Langley - Eustis will be holding a 50th Vietnam War Commemoration honoring Vietnam War Veterans. On display will be NS' "Veterans Locomotive" number 6920 along with NS' exhibit car. The locomotive is an SD60E model designed for freight service painted in a "red, white, and blue paint scheme, and yellow ribbon with the message “Honoring our Veterans." It was placed in service in 2012 "to honor people who have served in the military and reserves, especially those employed by the railroad." Cooperation between the commercial rail industry and the country's military predates the Civil War when West Point engineers surveyed Transcontinental Rail Routes in the 1850s and has been on going since that time. The Army Transportation Corps welcomes NS' participation in this event which is open to the general public with proper identification.

The Exhibit Car is a restored 1926 Pullman passenger car that was converted to a mobile museum in 1971. Everyone’s favorite display - the locomotive simulator, complete with throttle, brake, and horn - puts guests in control of a virtual freight train. A new game, “Load the Line,” challenges players to match freight products with the correct type of rail car in a race against time. Guests can snap several quick photos against a train backdrop in a photo booth, which later sends the photos via email. Visitors are able to comment about their favorite display in an electronic guestbook. The Exhibit Car also features images and information about Norfolk Southern’s employee volunteer program and its sustainability and safety initiatives. “Protect the Line” invites guests to help keep the rails safe. 

729th Railway Operating Battalion: The Soxos double anniversary 1945 William Poch

Thanks to family of William Poch for this great document and photos

From William's son David :

1922 - 2004


756 th Railway Shop Battalion Unit History

BillC writes ... Hi Nancy, I have in my possession “History of the 756 RY SHOP BN”. Monty F Foster, Tec 4 is listed in the Hq. Co. Monty was my wife’s uncle. He died 08 may 1985, buried in Dalhart, Texas.Monty left no wife or children.

After his service he was a train engineer the remainder of his working years.I would like for someone to have this book that might have some sentimental attachment. You are the only person ...

Thanks so much to Bill and to Uncle Monty for keeping this important unit history safe for all these years and donating it to the blog so that everyone with a connection to the 756th ROB can enjoy it and learn about the work and sacrifice of these guys ...

710th Railway Grand Division Ivan Rice 1944-1946

710th Headquarters

710th Railway Grand Division Ivan Rice 1944-1946 'KIng of the Road '

Wonderful photos and memories donated by Ivan Rice who served with the 710th ! Thanks Ivan

710 Ivan Rice Booklet by Nancy

Interview- David Spellman WWII Railway Operating Battalion Veteran

Thanks to Thomas Gears

The Military Railway Service From Korea to Afghanistan by Mark Metz LTC (R) - US Army

Thanks as always to Mark Metz LTC (R) - US Army

50th Vietnam War Commemoration (VWC) -US Army Transportation Museum Foundation

To the Greater Transportation Corps Community:

Joint Base Langley - Eustis is planning for a "50th Vietnam War Commemoration (VWC) over Armed Forces Day weekend which will take place at Ft. Eustis on Friday, May 15th, and Saturday May 16th.  Events are open to the public. The central theme is recognition of Vietnam War Veterans on the 50th Anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.  Events and activities scheduled are shown on the attachment.

A second open to the public event this Summer at Ft. Eustis will be the 73rd Transportation Corps Birthday Anniversary on July 30th.  Major events planned for the 30th include the TC Hall of Fame Ceremony and the TC Regimental Picnic.  On July 31st, the celebration moves to Fort Lee where events conclude with the Anniversary TC Ball.  Complete details can be found at  

Hope you will be able to join us for one or both of these events.

Mark Metz
LTC (R) - TC
Rail Committee
US Army Transportation Museum Foundation