728th Railway Operating Battalion travel manifest 1944

Company a 728th ROB Manifest by Nancy on Scribd

Company B 728th ROB Manifest by Nancy on Scribd

Company C 728th ROB Manifest by Nancy on Scribd

718th Railway Operating Battalion William J. Ricketson

Thanks to Barclay for sharing his grandfather's William J. Ricketson great 718th ROB photos.
Please get in touch with me if anyone can identify any of the other soldiers  or locations.

718 ricketson

712th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion (TROB) Jimmie Ross Mulkey

Thanks to Jimmie Ross Mulkey's grandson, Ron we have his discharge papers - amazing military career with the Marines, Army and National Guard. He served in 712th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion(TROB)and the 8010th TTRG in Japan post Korean war.

712th TRSB Mulkey by Nancy on Scribd

Fort Eustis : Military Railroad

Fort Eustis Military Railroad by Nancy on Scribd

Army Rail: Tribute to the 714th Transportation Battalion, Railway Operating

706th Railway Grand Division 25 October 1943 - 9 May 1945

706 Railway Grand Division by Nancy on Scribd

790th Railway Operating Battalion~~ Matlosz

790th MatloszTom writers ....

My Dad, Pvt. Michael W. Matlosz, served in the 790th Railway Operating Company (Battalion?) in the Philippines during WWII. Any information about the 790th which you can provide, like date and area of deployment, would be most appreciated.
 I know that his records were destroyed in the St. Louis fire. I've attached a few photos. Dad can be seen in 0164 and 0165.

716th Railway Operating Battalion - Virgil Cowder

Virgil's son, Bob writes... I have attached 4 photos of my dad who was stationed with the 716th ROB in Germany at the end of WWII. I would like to send this to you, so it can be posted with other communications with ex-soldiers from his outfit. His name is Virgil Crowder. I don't know if this is the best way of doing this or not. If there is someone that knew him, I would be willing to communicate with them. 716 Crowder

ACTCOTS (Atlantic Coast Transportation Corps Officers' Training School) 1943 4th Class

ACTCOTS (Atlantic Coast Transportation Corps Officers' Training School) 1943 4th Class by Nancy on Scribd

764th Railway Shop Battalion -- Major Wooten

Major Wooten's family is working on digitizing more of his photos - thanks to them for sharing!

764th Wooten by Nancy on Scribd

Newfoundland Railway Unit -- Lend Lease

Newfoundland Railway Lend Lease by Nancy on Scribd

Affiliated Railway Units WWII

Affiliated Railway Units WWII by Nancy on Scribd