741st Railway Operating Battalion and 710th Railway Grand Division Captain Ralph H. Deets


Sally is working on her dad's, Captain Ralph H. Deets photos from the 741st ROB and the 710th Railway Grand Division. Here is a little sample- Thanks Sally

727th Various documents part II

727th various documents.pdf by Nancy

727th TRSB Hall of Fame

The Last Pershing - the old 101 by LTC George Simpson 765th TRSB

Last Pershing.pdf by Nancy

765th Railway Shop Battalion -- pamphlet

765thRSB booklet.pdf by Nancy

U.S. Army Expeditionary Railway Center

US army exp railway center.pdf by Nancy

774th Transportation Battalion -- various documents

774Transport Batt.pdf by Nancy

790th Transportation ROB -- various documents

790TransportationROB.pdf by Nancy

791st Transportation Battalion -- various documents

791.pdf by Nancy

770th Railway Operating Battalion -- various documents

770.pdf by Nancy

769th Railway Shop Battalion -- various documents

769.pdf by Nancy

768th ROB -- various documents

768.pdf by Nancy