743rd Derail Reunion Newsletter 1997

743rd Derail Reunion Newsle... by Nancy on Scribd

2nd Military Rail Europe WWII by Metz

2nd Military Rail Europe WWII Metz by Nancy on Scribd

All Aboard: using railroad employee magazines for your research

All Aboard Rail Research by Nancy on Scribd

Military Railway Service Journal Vol3 No6 Nov 1956

Other Units mentioned: 740th Railway Operating Battalion, 719th Railway Operating Battalion, 725thRailway Operating Battalion, 714th Railway Operating Battalion,725th Railway Operating Battalion,726th Railway Operating Battalion, 712th Railway Operating Battalion, 730th Railway Operating Battalion

Military Railway Service Journal Nov 1956 by Nancy on Scribd

770th Railway Operaing Battallion Roster 1944

770 ROB Roster 1944 by Nancy on Scribd

U.S. Army Transportation Museum: then and now

I found a clipping in my mom's stuff, Capt Griffin was my dad.
You can see the new insignia and the one used on the web page right now.
Visit the web page for the museum here :