733rd Railway Operating Battalion - William Clinton Dunham

This is the scrapbook of private William Clinton Dunham. of the 733rd ROB with 100+ photos btwn the scrapbook and manila envelope full found inside. Starts with his time spent at Camp Jesse Turner in Arkansas through his overseas time in Germany/France. 733rd Railway Operating Battlion - Dunham

730th Railway Operating Battalion --Frank Hoppe

Album from World War II.
Photos documenting the 3rd Military Railway Service, Persian Gulf Command, US Army. (showing Frank L. Hoppe of Havre, MT and his service in Persia).  Many small snap shot photos of buildings, monuments, bazaars, native Iranians.  Of note, photo of the King and Queen of Persian (Shaw) and FDR, Churchill and Stalin photos (probably taken at Malta; Most of the photos are identified on reverse..
Also contains one letter home to his mother, Large fold out map of the world (1940s era, good condition), military theme cartoons clipped from magazines and newspapers, Program from "This is the Army"... Irving Berlin's All-Soldier Musical Review, newspaper clippings about how "Iron Horses" kept in condition by shopmen of the Railroad Battalions.
Ration Card belonging to Frank, Co. B, 730th., photo copies of V-mail sent home for Xmas, New Year. Photos of Palaces and hotels, at Isphahan and Parband, Holy Temple at Gahm, Gold Temple at Gham

720th Railway Operating Battalion Hoppe

717th Railway Operating Battalion - Freeman C. Scott

707th Railway Grand Division - unknown soldier

707 RGD

743rd Railway Operating Battalion Company A --Clifford Cushing

712th TROB Korea - unknown soldier

712th TROB Unknown Soldier

713th Railway Operating Battalion - Kluth

713th Railway Operating Bat... by on Scribd

3rd MRS Belk

3rd Belk

3rd TMRS commendation 1952

3rd Trc Groups by on Scribd

3rd Military Rail Service boosts donation March of Dimes Korea

3rd Unit Boosts by on Scribd

716th Railway Operating Battalion : Various theft articles

716th Theft Articles by on Scribd

718th Railway Operating Battalion: Clues Reveal Few Hints About Fate of Missing Soldier

718th Clues Reveal Few Hint... by on Scribd

720th Railway Operating Battalion - Irving Feinman

712th Railway Operating Battalion -- Roy Edward Mitchell

Franklin writes about his Father-in-lawRoy Edward Mitchell .... Just found these additional photos of the battalion. The box car in the background appears to be one of the barracks cars they converted from French boxcars. R. Edward Mitchell is individual in uniform. We don't know the tee shirt guy. Back of Tiger Tank photo, " a German Tiger tank that lost his argument with a Yank".

More here: https://goo.gl/oiR9Fk

U.S. War Department Railway Reports 1943-44 E 55-202 E 55-277 and E 55-229

War Dept Railway Reports 1943-44 E 55-202 E 55-277 and E 55-229

War Dept Railway Reports 1943-44 E 55-202 E 55-277 and E 55-229 by Nancy on Scribd

Merry Christmas from the Persian Gulf Command 1945

763rd Railway Operating Battalion Company C

732bd Railway Operating Battalion pass - Devery

Transportation Corps pass

756th Railway Operating Battalion Crows Nest 1944

735th Railway Operating Battalion envelope and decal

732nd Railway Operating Battalion Reunion tshirt stamp

716th Railway Operating Battalion Locomotives #222, 1822 and 974

718th Railway Operating Battalion Chambers

774th Railway Grand Division -Mileposts : the memoirs of the 774th Railway Grand Division 1945

Mileposts : the memoirs of the 774th Railway Grand Division
Author: John F Daily, Corporal.; Harry J Isett
Publisher:[Rome] : [Tipolitografia delle Ferrovie dello Stato], [1945]


728th Railway Operating Battalion Clovis, New Mexico and France

Parade below in NM and unit christens first locomotive Cherbourg,France

714th Railway Operating Battaion Deactivation

2nd Military Railway Service Engineering section Paris February 1945

2nd Military Railway Service France 1944 Sottevast Yard

743rd Railway Operating Battalion Arko obit