711th Railway Operating Battalion - Camp Claiborne

711th Claiborne Polk Military Railway by Nancy

3rd TMRS in Iran 1944

Central Railroad Headlight Magazine August 1944

Various units mentioned

Headlight 0844 by cunningb

Central Railroad Headlight Magazine April 1945

Various units are mentioned ...

764th Railway Operating Battalion - Manuel Silva

764th- Silva

729th Engineer Railway Operating Battalion- William Kolberg

729th Engineer Railway Operating Battalion William Kolberg

727th Railway Operating Battalion Finding Aid

727th Finding Aid by cunningb

712th Railway Operating Battalion - George D. Seil obit

712th Seil by cunningb

3rd TMRS Christmas Greetings

3rd TMRS Christmas Greetings by cunningb

724th Railway Operating Battalion Peace for the Little Ones

724th Railway Operating Battalion Peace for the Little Ones by cunningb

764th Railway Battalion Charles Louis Bandy WWII films

Email I recieved :

I am in the possession of a number of films taken by Charles Louis Bandy, probably of the 764th R. S. Battalion.
He made many films in France and Germany of railways and trams.He landed in Marseille in August 1944, and stayed in Europe until approx. 1950.Mr. Bandy died in 1975.I produced a DVD that shows some of his films. Have a look at my film 'Wartime Rails" on this site
Greetings from Holland, Ton Pruissen