744th Railway Operating Battalion - Pitts

721st ROB Reunion program 1980

721st ROB Reunion 1980 Program by Nancy

721st ROB Veteran's Association member list

721st5 Vets Assoc All #1 by Nancy

The Blazon Ft Sam Houston May 1943 721st ROB

Blazon FtSamHoustonpgall by Nancy

735th ROB Frank Lewis photos #2 Album

748th Railway Operating Battalion Listing of officers Frank Lewis

More from Frank Lewis

770th ROB : WP&YR goes khaki from The Thunderbird

Volume 1 No 2 SUMMER 2013 The new magazine for the White Pass & Yukon Railfans. http://www.thethunderbird.net/

Thunderbird Vol1no1 2013 Low by Nancy

721st Replacement Depot Extract Oct 1945

721st Replacemnet Depot Extract Oct 1945 by Nancy

721st ROB History #1

721st History 1 by Nancy

721st ROB 28th Reunion ROB-History

721st 28th ROB History All by Nancy

721st ROB 28th Reunion 1977 Program

721st 28th Reunion 1977 Program All by Nancy

Camp Clairborne picture book

721st ROB Father Anthony Weber obit

US Army personnel Ft Devens extracts (721st ROB)

Army Pers Ft Devens Extractall by Nancy

721st ROB Hdqtrs Co Roster 1940s

721st ROB Hdqtrs Co Roster 1940s All by Nancy

748th Railway Operating Battalion Training Schedule Aug 1943

749 Rob Training Schedule All by Nancy

748th ROB Camp Jesse Turner play program Irving Berlin

721st ROB reunion photos date unknown

721st ROB Summary agreement document

721 Summery Agreement All 1944 by Nancy

US Army Locomotive #1849

730th Railway Operating Battalion Reunion group roster

This is amazing card catalog ( 600 hand scanned 3x5 cards) of the 730th ROB reunion group cards are scanned alpha and include information like soldiers name , address in 1960 and 1970, wife's name and sometimes date of death.

724th ROB Unit History WWII-1943-1945

Thanks again to William Scholtes and daughter, Jean !

724-ROB-HistoryWWII-1943-1945 by Nancy

724th ROB Bill Scholtes 1944

724th Railway Operating Battalion dispatch records 1944

724th Dispathes Records 1944 by Nancy

724th ROB Softball Champions US Army ETO 1945 William Scholtes

How great are these softball photos ?

Thanks again to William Scholtes and daughter Jean

724th Railway Operating Battalion Headquarters Co. 1944 photo

Thanks William Scholtes and daughter, Jean !

715th Railway Operating Battalion 701st Railway Grand Division sample doc Wartchow

721st ROB comes home on the USS General M.B. Stewart

The 721st ROB came on on the USS General M.B. Stewart here is some information about ship and on- board newspaper from the journey.
More about the USS General M.B. Stewart here and here

The Trooper 1945 by Nancy

721st ROB Veterans Association Trying to Locate List ( 1970s ?)

721st Vets Assoc Trying to Locate by Nancy

721st HQ Co Unit History

1937 US Army Ordnance 0-6-0 Railroad Engine 72 Ogden Arsenal UT

Camp Clairborne advert 1944

More from John Lewis

712th Railway Operating Battalion roster of promotions Camp Clairborne 1944

Thanks again to John Lewis

712th ROB Camp Claiborne Promotions All by Nancy

735th Railway Operating Battalion Co. Ft. Snelling, MN April 1944 and photo key

Thanks to John Lewis who has shared this great unit photo and key of the 735th from his dad,Capt.Francis N. Lewis Its best to download this to your desk top to look at it - you can download the pdf of the key too !

735th ROB Co C photo key by on Scribd

Locomotives For France (1946)