763rd Railway Shop Battalion -- Ralph Glazer

Scott (Ralph's son ) writes....We have been able to find these so far – all of them are my dad, Ralph Glazer of HQ Co and in photo F, Abe Glanzman also of HQ Co. Thanks Scott ! 763rd Glazer

United States Transportation Corps Locomotives

United States Transportation Corps Locomotives by Nancy on Scribd

713th and 730th Railway Operating Battalion ~~ Schaller

713 730 Schaller Thanks to Erik for donating ....

721st Railway Operating Battalion --Decatur , GA training 1944

721st training being mentioned in local paper Captain L.B. Griffin in my Uncle is anyone has a soldier in this group please email me Nancy cunningb2(@)gmail.com

757th Railway Shop Battalion - Albert J. Nevins

757TH RSB Newton Thanks to Mark , his grandson for sharing these !