History Of Germany's V-weapons and military railways in World War II 708th, 709th, 740th and 743rd

Impact: The History Of Germany's V-weapons In World War II 1998 by Benjamin King During World War II, when the V1s and V2s soared in their thousands against London, Antwerp and other targets, they were launched by Germans who had made a technological leap over their Allied scientific counterparts. Ultimately, as the German front fell back, the V launch-sites and factories were overrun. Nevertheless, for a time, the Germans had wielded a revolutionary new weapon that we now know pointed to the future of warfare. This intensely researched book overturns many of the myths about the V-weapons by tracing their development under pressure, their employment in combat, and the massive effect their existence had on operations.

743rd Railway Operating Battalion pg 278 
709th Railway Grand Division pg 279
740th Railway Battalion pg 284
708th Railway Grand Division pg 283-285

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