Do you know the Names and Numbers of S160 Locomotives Named in Memorial of Military Personnel in February 1945?

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During the WW2 USA supplied 2120 S160 locomotive The United States Army Transportation Corps S160 Class is a class of 2-8-0 Consolidation steam locomotive designed for use in Europe during World War II for heavy freight work. They worked on railroads across the world, including Africa, Asia, all of Europe and South America.

During February 1945 seventeen S160 were named after Military personnel who lost their lives during the aerial and V1 bombardment of Liege and environs, Belgium. The locomotives were named after servicemen from 740th and 741th railway operations battalions and 755th railway shop battalion. Torret (1995) list 15 of the locomotive numbers and the names of three of the locomotives. Gregory (1947) includes a photo of 2582 Pvt H.J.O’Brien being names by Major General Carl R Gray Jr at Kinkempois Yard on 28th February 1945. Recently I came across the photo of 2181 Pvt H.B. Lindsey on the internet. Livingstone (1981) states 8 were named after servicemen from the 740th, 8 after servicemen from the 740th, 741st and  from the 755th.

Do you know the numbers and names of the seventeen locomotives and are there any photographs of the other named locomotives?

Loco No Name Battalion
1609 ?
2039 ?
2052 ?
2171 ?
2174 ?
2181 Pvt H.B.Lindsey 741
2182 ?
2208 ?
2327 ?
2360 ?
2582 Pvt H. J. O'Brien 741
2603 ?
2615 ?
2792 Pvt John M McGillis 755
2913 Pvt C J Anderson
? ?
? ?

The eight 740th servicemen may be the following T/4 D.R.Gnovese, T/5 J.L.Mullin, Corp S.J.Belcastro, T/5 F.Rallo, Pvt R.J.Greco, Pvt O.L.Lance, Pvt A. G. Lewis, and T/5 A.A. Van Kleeck

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