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United War Work Campaign : Railroad Army Fundraising WWI

The United War Work Campaign, Inc., was organized by request of President Woodrow Wilson for the purpose of joint fund raising among seven welfare organizations serving the American Army and Navy, including: National War Work Council of the YMCA; War Work Council of the National Board of the YMCA; National Catholic War Council (Knights of Columbus); Jewish Welfare Board; War Camp Community Service; American Library Association; and the Salvation Army. Series includes the certificate of incorporation, UWWC Bulletin nos. 1-13 and 15, financial report (1921) and the report to subscribers listing the budget estimates of the seven organizations, percentages of UWWC funds allocated per organization and agreements between the organizations (1919). The file includes minutes, circular letter, organization manual, publicity campaigns, committee member lists, by-laws, conference attendance lists, Committee of Eleven (composed of representatives of the seven organizations) minutes and recommendations and news releases.

Railway and Locomotive Engineering Journal : The Railway Army Corps first in war first in peace

735th Railway Operating Battalion Reunion group

Again, we have Capt. Francis Lewis' wonderful photos from 735th reunions and a mailing list from 1988. ( thanks John ) Here is a member mailing list from 1988

735th Reunion Mailing List ... by Nancy on Scribd

735th Railway Operating Battalion Capt. Francis N. Lewis

John has worked really hard reproducing some amazing 735th photos from his dad,Capt.Francis N. Lewis

He writes ...It's my hope that members (the few that are left) and decedents of members might find a name or photo that will bring back some memories. If you do post any of my pictures/documents on the internet, all I ask is that some credit be given to my father, Capt.Francis N. Lewis. He went to great lengths to photograph and document not just his activities during the war, but also our personal family history. He has made my job much easier in sharing his photographs with others. It's the least I can do for all the efforts he made. Thanks so much for asking.

Here is a fascinating list of 735th soldiers who went through firearm qualifications in 1944

735th Firearm Qualification List 1944 by Nancy